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Advisers for the US Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously on Wednesday in support of making the birth-control pill Opill available over-the-counter, saying the benefits outweigh the risks. 

A recent uptick in mpox diagnoses in Chicago, some of them in people vaccinated against the virus, has raised concerns about a possible increase in cases among gay and bisexual men during the summer.   

A variety of factors—benign and troublesome—can affect the scent of your genitals. 

Gay and bisexual men in monogamous relationships can donate blood in the U.S. without abstaining from sex, under a federal policy finalized Thursday by health regulators. 

Abortion providers in three states filed a lawsuit Monday aimed at preserving access to the widely used abortion pill mifepristone.  

What Is Aromantic? Here’s Your Everything-to-Know Guide on the Romantic Orientation – Cosmopolitan 

Aromanticism is a romantic orientation wherein the person is not interested in romance of any kind—flirting, dating, relationships, marriage, the works. 

Abortion Clinics Are Dealing with More Arson, Stalking, and Anthrax Threats Now – VICE

Abortion providers feared they’d see an increase in harassment and threats if Roe v Wade was overturned. They were right. 

Does sex get better with age? This senior sex therapist thinks so – NPR

Older people can enjoy great sex, but it starts with believing it's possible — and communicating when you need to adapt your approach. 

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