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Portion of US Adults Identifying as LGBTQ Has More Than Doubled in Last 12 YearsUSA Today
U.S. LGBTQ+ adult population has doubled in 12 years, especially among younger generations, reflecting growing societal acceptance and comfort in declaring LGBTQ+ identities, according to a Gallup poll.

How To Tell the Difference Between Love Bombing and The Honeymoon StageWomen’s Health
Relationship therapists identify signs of love bombing, a manipulative tactic used by partners, and advise setting boundaries, seeking support, and prioritizing well-being for those affected.

Sexual Orientation, Gender ID Can Be Talked About in Florida Classrooms Under 'Don't Say Gay' Lawsuit SettlementNew York Post
Florida's "Don't Say Gay" lawsuit settlement allows discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in classrooms without formal instruction, resolving confusion and affirming LGBTQ+ rights in education.

One Family’s Fight to Recognize Stealthing as Sexual AssaultForbes
The Schwartz family spearheads The Adjacent Project, advocating for legislative changes across states to recognize stealthing as sexual assault, aiming to raise awareness and provide justice for survivors.

Court Upholds Texas Law That Requires Teens to Get Parental Consent for Birth Control. Here's What to Know.Yahoo! News
A federal appeals court upheld a Texas law requiring parental consent for minors to get birth control through Title X, impacting minor’s access and potentially setting a national precedent.

Support For LGBTQ Rights Slightly Decreased in The Last Year, Survey FindsCNN
Support for LGBTQ rights slightly decreased among U.S. adults last year, though a majority still supports protections against discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation.

Olivia Rodrigo Concert Hands Out Free Morning-After Pills in Missouri, A State Where Abortions Are IllegalYahoo! News
Olivia Rodrigo distributed free morning-after pills, condoms, and stickers at her St. Louis concert amid Missouri's strict abortion laws, with part of her tour proceeds going to abortion funds across the U.S.

Breakups Can Actually Change Your Brain Chemistry—Here's HowGQ
Breakups can trigger withdrawal-like symptoms in the brain, similar to drug addiction, leading to mood swings, sleep disturbances, and emotional challenges, with potential long-term effects.

Marriage Counselor Reveals Top 3 Complaints in Couples TherapyYour Tango
In couples therapy, the top complaints include lack of physical affection, overspending, emotional disconnect, and uneven household duties, highlighting the need for resolution to strengthen marriages.

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