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‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill: Florida Senate Passes Controversial LGBTQ School Measure – NBC News
Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has signaled he would sign the bill, which would ban “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity” in primary schools.

Democrats Lose Fight to Strip Abortion Funding Restrictions from Spending Package – The Hill
Democrats failed to strip a decades-old amendment from annual government funding legislation that blocks people from using Medicaid or other federal programs to cover abortion services.

Texas Abortion Ban Forcing Thousands to Cross State Lines for Procedure—Study – The Guardian
An average of 1,400 Texas women traveled out of state each month between September and December 2021 for abortion services.

You Don’t Have to Be in Your 20s to Get HPV—Here’s What Older Adults Need to Know – KCM
While the HPV vaccine is targeted at young folks, you can get this STI at any age. Here is what older people should know about HPV.

No, You Can’t Catch a UTI From your Partner—Here’s Why Sex Increases Your Risk – Well + Good
Many people think you can catch a UTI, but they aren't sexually transmitted infections. Experts explain the relationship between sex and UTIs.

HHS Issues Guidance to Help Protect Transgender Youth – Health Affairs
HHS issued new guidance on civil rights protections for transgender youth, their families, and providers that offer gender-affirming health care services.

What Is the Kinsey Scale? Visualizing Sexuality as a Spectrum – MindBodyGreen
One of the most popular scales used to understand sexuality is the Kinsey Scale, which was created to help describe a person's sexual orientation. Learn more about this scale, and the pros and cons.  

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