Sexual Health in the News March 29 - April 4

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Your Reproductive Health Matters: Tips for a Healthy Future - Giddy
Reproductive health encompasses safer sex, STIs, consent, abuse, nutrition, and mental health. NCSH, which is featured, coordinated interviews with Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson and Dr. Austin Johnson.

Sex Furniture Adds Zing (and Support) to Aging Bodies - AARP
Sex furniture can enhance sexual intimacy for older adults by providing support and enabling exploration of new positions and experiences. NCSH arranged interviews with Sandi Kaufman and Dr. Jane Fleishman, who are both certified by AASECT, an NCSH member.

Other News This Week

Florida Abortion Ban Prompts Two Southern States to Prep for an Influx of Patients - NBC News
Florida’s upcoming six-week abortion ban is likely to send patients to neighboring states, prompting clinics to increase capacity, while concerns remain about accessibility and reproductive choices.

Anti-LGBTQ Bills in Alabama's Legislature Threaten the State's Youth and Undermine One Gay Teenager's Legacy, Critics Say - CNN
Camika Shelby, whose son died by suicide due to anti-gay bullying, reaches a settlement amid concerns over proposed Alabama legislation that is discriminatory towards LGBTQ rights in the state.

What is Sexual Performance Anxiety? - Health
Sexual performance anxiety is characterized by fear before or during sex and can lead to strained relationships. Here are the causes and how to cope.

America's 1st Openly Gay Elected Official is Concerned About Today's Attacks on LGBTQ People - NBC News
Kathy Kozachenko, the first openly gay person elected to a U.S. public office, reflects on her historic victory, challenges faced by LGBTQ communities, and importance of continued activism.

The First OTC Birth Control Pill Is Available In Stores — Here's How to Buy ItPop Sugar
Opill is marking a milestone for reproductive freedom and is now available in stores and online without a prescription, while efforts are underway to increase affordability via insurance coverage, consumer assistance and public health programs.

The 1950s Burlesque Dancer Who Challenged Florida's Anti-LGBTQ Dynamics - Time
While the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” lawsuit confirms the allowance of classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity, Zorita’s story, a lesbian burlesque dancer, highlights the historical resistance to censoring LGBTQ lives. 

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