Sexual Health in the News March 22 - March 28

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Mpox Cases in The U.S. Are on The Rise as Vaccination Rates Lag and New Threats LoomCNN
Mpox cases surge in the U.S. with over 500 reported this year, emphasizing the need for improved vaccination coverage and tailored outreach efforts to populations at higher risk. Elizabeth Finley, of the National Coalition of STD Directors, a NCSH member, is quoted.

5 Big Sex Issues Gen Z-ers Bring Up in Therapy All the TimeHuffpost
Recent data suggests Gen Z are less sexually active than older generations. Reasons include increased smartphone and social media use, stress, mental health struggles, and more. Data from NCSH member, Kinsey Institute, is cited.  

Can Unprotected Sex Lead to Stomach Problems?
Unprotected sex may cause stomach issues like cramping and diarrhea due to prostaglandins in seminal fluid, but other factors like STIs or rough penetration could also be to blame. Dr. Justin Lehmiller, of the Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member, is quoted.

Cervical Cancer Rates Are Climbing Among Low-Income Women. Here’s Why.The Hill
Cervical cancer rates are increasing among low-income women due to declining screening rates and follow-up care, compounded by lack of awareness, access, and financial constraints. Story includes insights from the American Sexual Health Association, a NCSH member.

Other News This Week

Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Have Risen Sharply Among Adults 55 And Older, CDC Data Shows CNBC
According to CDC, STI rates have sharply risen among adults aged 55 and older, underscoring the necessity for improved sex education and discussions with healthcare providers in this demographic.

5 Takeaways as Supreme Court Questions Sweeping Challenge to Abortion Pill AccessABC News
Supreme Court hearing on FDA regulations regarding the abortion pill reveals skepticism, questions about standing, concerns over harms, and debates on the Comstock Act's relevance.

IUD Placement Can Be Painful. These Women Used Their Phones to Record It.Yahoo! News
Women recording their painful experiences getting IUDs highlight the lack of adequate pain management options during the procedure and need for improved patient-centered care.

Latino and Black Dads Often Underestimate When Teen Sons Are Sexually Active, Delaying Safe Sex AdviceNBC News
Latino and Black fathers often underestimate their teenage sons' sexual activity and delay talks about safer sex, revealing the need for these conversations to start earlier to address sexual health disparities.

Amid Book Bans, DEI Cuts And 'Don't Say Gay' Laws, 7 States Will Mandate LGBTQ-Inclusive CurriculaNBC News
Seven states, including Washington, have passed laws mandating LGBTQ-inclusive curricula in public schools amid a backdrop of conservative measures aiming to limit LGBTQ education and representation.

A Psychologist Shares How Parents Can Fight The ‘Postpartum Sex Slump’Forbes
New parents often struggle with intimacy after childbirth, but prioritizing affection, communication, and positive thinking can help strengthen their relationship during this postpartum period.

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