Sexual Health in the News March 18 - March 24

NCSH in the News

4 Small Ways to Be More Surprising in Bed - The Arrow from AARP
A few practical ways to surprise your significant other in bed. NCSH arranged the interview with AASECT member and sex therapist Amanda Pasciucco. 

How to Overcome a Language Barrier in Bed - Self
Discussing intimate details with a partner can be even more awkward and uncomfortable if you have a a language barrier. Dr. Justin Lehmiller, from NCSH member The Kinsey Institute, is quoted. 

Sex Expert Shan Boody on Why People Aren’t Having Sex Anymore - Best Health
Shan Boodram, an NCSH member, talks about her new show, CBC’s ’s The Big Sex Talk, and offers up tips on handling low sexual desire.

Other News This Week

A Third of Trans Youth Are At Risk of Losing Gender-Affirming Care, Study Says - NPR
Republican-led bans to block gender-affirming care for transgender minors may be fertile political ground for conservatives in an election year, but this puts thousands of young people in jeopardy.

Sexual Assault Survivors May Face Out-of-Pocket Costs for Important Health Services - Kaiser Family Foundation
There are often gaps in coverage for health care services that are outside of rape kits, like STI testing, emergency contraception, or services for injuries incurred during sexual assault.

Birth Control Pill for Men Expected to Start Human Trials This Year - Fortune
The first male birth control pill, which has shown significant results in lab trials, could begin human testing before the end of the year.

‘Turning Red’ Is a Good Conversation Starter — and Not Just for GirlsThe New York Times
Some parents don't like its depictions of adolescent rebellion, periods and sexuality, but experts say those topics are appropriate for family discussion.

What Does It Mean To Identify As Omnisexual? Relationship Experts Explain - Women’s Health
As people feel safer and more comfortable exploring their varying sexualities and romantic preferences, more language develops to articulate and validate those experiences as well.

HIV And AIDs Gets A Sympathetic Update In The New Film "Three Months" - Buzzfeed
The coming-of-age film is changing the way we see HIV/AIDS depicted onscreen.

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