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Biden Signs Executive Order to Boost Women's Health Research - NBC News
On Monday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to expand research on women’s health care, emphasizing the need for broad action to address disparities.  

Online Orders Begin For First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill in the US - CNN
Sales began for Opill, the first OTC birth control approved in the US, highlighting advantages for those with limited contraceptive access amid concerns about potential state restrictions.  

How Many People Got Abortions in 2023? New Report Finds Increase Despite Bans - USA Today
Despite bans in over a dozen states, a new report showed that abortions have increased in the US, suggesting a rise in out-of-state travel to clinics that are already strained.  

Former Students, Parents Speak on Anti-LGBTQ Bullying at Nex Benefict's School - ABC News
The death of LGBTQ teen Nex Benedict, ruled a suicide after a fight in an Oklahoma high school restroom, highlights the impact of anti-LGBTQ policies. 

Arizona Lawmaker Tells Her Abortion Story to Show 'Reality' of Restrictions - The Washington Post
Arizona state senator Eva Burch shared her abortion story on the Senate floor to highlight the impact of the state’s abortion restrictions and shed light on the real-world consequences of legislative decisions.  

Minn. Court Rules Pharmacist Who Denied Contraception Discriminated Against Woman - HuffPost 
A Court of Appeals ruled that a pharmacist’s refusal to provide emergency contraceptives based on personal beliefs constitutes sex discrimination.   

What is Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome?  - Health
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome is a condition characterized by persistent pelvic pain lasting more than six months and affects up to 10% of individuals. Here is a list of symptoms, causes and treatment options.  

For Irish L.G.B.T.Q. New Yorkers, It's Been a Long Way to Staten Island - The New York Times 
After decades of activism, LGBTQ groups will now be able to participate in St. Patrick’s Day Parades across New York City for the first time, marking an end to longstanding conflict over inclusion.  

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