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STDs: What Are They and Who Gets ThemEveryday Health
The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new STDs occur every year. Here’s what you need to know about how to spot, treat, and prevent STDs. NCSH Member, Dr. Edward W. Hook III, is quoted extensively throughout the article.

8 STD Symptoms You Never Want To IgnoreWomen’s Health
Detecting STDs is often the hardest part; yet, most are totally treatable. Keep an eye out for these eight common symptoms of STDs in women. Elizabeth Torrone, Ph.D., from the CDC’s Division of STD Prevention is quoted.

6 Things You Need to Know About Herpes Tests, According to Doctors Who Administer ThemAllure
Without a herpes outbreak present, it's extremely difficult to know whether or not you're HSV-positive, and herpes testing is so flawed and misunderstood that doctors say it often leads to unnecessary stress. NCSH member, ASHA, is quoted in the story.

It’s ‘Scary,’ But Transgender Patients Are Fighting Trump’s Health-Care Discrimination AgendaRewire News
Advocates for reproductive rights and LGBTQ equality are concerned that Trump’s bureaucrats will cause even more pain at the doctor’s office. 

When the Cause of a Sexless Relationship Is — Surprise! — the ManNew York Times
Libido can be affected by a number of things, including depression, medication, stress, health, affairs, previous sexual trauma, pornography, pain with sex and relationship dissatisfaction.

Make Every Class Sex Ed ClassHuffington Post
There’s a way to end this century-long trend, in which sex ed lands low on the list of learning priorities: we should integrate it throughout the curriculum, a move that reflects how sexuality is woven into everyday life.

Doctors Need to Talk Openly About Race — Our Patients Depend on ItSalon
The movement to incorporate social justice and reproductive justice frameworks into medicine has begun, and conversations with patients should transform into conversations about race and immigration.

Judge Rejects Massachusetts Challenge to Trump Birth Control RulesReuters
A federal judge rejected a lawsuit by Massachusetts’ attorney general challenging new rules by President Trump’s administration that make it easier for employers to avoid providing insurance that covers women’s birth control.

Here's Why These Once-Rare STIs Are Suddenly on the RiseCosmopolitan
Throwback sex scourges, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, have resurged with a vengeance, and young people are most at risk.

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