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Bethany C. Meyers’ Take on Power Dynamics for Sex Is the Most Empowering Thing You’ll Read All Day – Well and Good
Tyomi Morgan, a NCSH member, discusses how power dynamics during sex don’t depend on gender, and how the power people seek in their sex lives can fill a need that’s not being met in their everyday lives. NCSH arranged the interview.

Other News This Week

The LGBTQ Equality Act Heads Back to Capitol Hill, This Time With Massive Corporate Support – CNBC
The LGBTQ Equality Act—which would secure civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community and has failed to gain support twice before—is headed back to Congress next week with support from 161 corporate sponsors with operations in all 50 states.

New Rule for Transgender Troops: Stick to Your Birth Sex, or Leave – New York Times
Under new rules from the Department of Defense, troops can identify as transgender, but must use the uniforms, pronouns, and sleeping and bathroom facilities for their biological sex.

Sen. Martha McSally, A Rape Survivor, Asks Air Force for Expedited Summit On Military Sexual Assault – The Washington Post
After disclosing her sexual assault during her time in the Air Force, a Republic senator is now calling on the US armed forces to convene a summit on sexual assault in the military to discuss their approach to education, prevention, investigation, and prosecution.

Tattoo Therapy: How Ink Helps Sexual Assault Survivors Heal – CNN
A recent study shows some sexual assault survivors perceive getting a tattoo as a “cathartic experience”—by marking their skin in their own way, they are able to redefine their relationship with their bodies.

This HIV Pill Saves Lives. So Why Is it So Hard to Get in The Deep South? – The Washington Post
Despite the South having more new HIV diagnoses than the rest of the US combined, experts say there are many barriers to PrEP access and use in this region of the country.

How to Make Sex More Dangerous – New York Times
Andrea Barrica, founder of a media platform about sexuality, discusses the harm of refusing to provide children with medically accurate sex education, including creating a culture of shame and silence.

This Viral Hashtag Lets People With Disabilities Show Off Their Sexy Sides – HuffPost
A disability awareness consultant started a viral trend using the hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot to empower people with disabilities, and encourage able-bodied people to confront their biases about people with disabilities and their sex lives.

My Risk of Ovarian Cancer Is Higher With My BRCA 2 Mutation, So Here’s How I’m Managing It – Bustle
A woman with the BRCA 2 gene shares her experience confronting the reality that she is also at higher risk of ovarian cancer after dealing with her higher risk for breast cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men—Why Guys Keep Going Soft on You – Cosmopolitan
While past studies show that ED affects approximately 1 to 10 percent of men under 40, a Cosmopolitan survey recently revealed 80 percent of male respondents ages 18 to 38 have issues getting aroused.

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