Sexual Health in the News Mar 29 - April 4

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What Is Herpes? Here's Everything You Need to Know About This STD – Elite Daily
Experts discuss the details on herpes, including what it is, how you get it, how to reduce your risk, and what to do if you do get it. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Peter Leone, and NCSH members Planned Parenthood and ASHA are mentioned.

What is HPV? Everything You Need to Know About This STD, Because It's More Common Than You'd Think – Elite Daily
An estimated 80 percent of sexually active people will contract HPV at some point in their lives. Here is what you need to know. The NCSH contributed to this story, and NCSH members Planned Parenthood and ASHA are mentioned.

Most Women Who Need Publicly Funded Birth Control Live in Places It Doesn’t Exist – Cosmopolitan
According to data from NCSH member Power to Decide, 97 percent of American women who rely on publicly funded contraception live in contraceptive deserts.

Other News This Week

How Men and Women Use Condoms Differently – CNN
A recent study found that heterosexual men, heterosexual women, and men who have sex with men use different strategies when negotiating condom use with a new partner, with trust, PrEP, and performance anxiety all playing a role.

Lawmakers Fixate on Sports in House Hearing on Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill – TIME
Republicans took aim at a broad LGBT rights bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity by focusing on a narrow topic: school sports.

NRA Opposition to Violence Against Women Act Poses Tough Choice for Republicans – NPR
The public will wait to see how House Republicans vote on renewing a lapsed 1994 law to protect victims of domestic and sexual violence, as it includes new provisions to restrict gun rights.

The Share of Americans Not Having Sex Has Reached a Record High – The Washington Post
The number of Americans 18 to 29 who reported no sex in the past year more than doubled between 2008 and 2018, a statistic that experts say may be due to an increased number of young adults living at home, a decreased number of steady relationships, and technology.

The Trump Administration Awarded a Family Planning Grant to an Anti-Abortion Organization, Signaling a Major Funding Shift at the Agency – INSIDER
The Department of Health and Human Services will be awarding $1.7 million to the Obria Group—a nonprofit organization opposed to abortion and describing itself as “being led by God.” The shift aligns with the Trump administration’s efforts to reshape the government’s stance on reproductive rights.

Why Don’t More American Men Get Vasectomies? – New York Times
Female sterilization is twice as prevalent as vasectomy, which experts say is due to cost, misconceptions and fears about the procedure, and cultural expectations about what truly defines a man.

Transgender Day of Visibility: Honoring the Visible and the Invisible – Forbes
The International Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrated on March 31, was founded to recognize the accomplishments of transgender and gender non-conforming people as well as bring attention to their continued struggles.

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