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The Global Condom Shortage Is Already Upon Us – Inverse
The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a global condom shortage, causing manufacturing to screech to a halt and paralyzing distribution pathways, condom manufacturers and family-planning experts say.

FDA Urged to Let Women Obtain Abortion Drugs by Mail During Coronavirus Outbreak – HuffPost
Women who want to terminate pregnancy should not have to embark on unnecessary travel right now, a coalition of 21 attorneys general said in a letter. 

Health, Sex and Coronavirus: How Does Sexual Intimacy Change During a Pandemic? – NBC News
Are we likely to see the kind of baby boom that tends to follow disasters? Probably. But if you’re feeling an aversion to sex, know that your reaction is also typical. 

What It’s Like Fighting for Abortion Access in America in the Age of Coronavirus – Refinery29
Clinic escorts are social distancing and staying home. But protestors are still gathering and shamelessly ignoring social distancing guidelines from scientific experts.

ICE Detainees with HIV Are Pleading to Be Released to Avoid Coronavirus – VICE
Advocates are lobbying for the release of HIV-positive immigrants currently held in U.S. detention centers, citing fears their health could be at risk amid the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19.

What Does ‘Safe Sex’ Look Like During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know. – Rewire.News
Ultimately, no partnered sex act is ever without some aspect of physical or emotional risk—but when it comes to coronavirus transmission, there are ways to reduce risk and still have fun.

Should You Have a Home Birth Because of Coronavirus? – The New York Times
Women are reconsidering their options for delivering babies, but there are not enough midwives to meet their needs.

Here’s How to Have Great Phone Sex in 4 Simple, Seductive Steps – Elite Daily
While many of us are social distancing apart from our partners, a sex educator and mental health professional discuss a few simple steps to help up your phone sex game and maintain the connection.

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