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Millions of Women With This Condition Are Being Misdiagnosed: Here’s What to Know About VulvodyniaHealthyWay
Vulvodynia is defined as “chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause,” and it affects about 16 percent of women. And, it’s a condition that has left doctors stumped. NCSH spokespeople Dr. Nancy Phillips and Dr. Ryan Sobel are quoted.

Can Birth Control Pills Expire?Refinery 29
If you can't refill your birth control pills on time, expired pills can be used as a bridge to getting a new pack, but they lose potency after their expiration date and may not suppress ovulation. NCSH spokeswomen Dr. Katharine O'Connell White explains why you shouldn’t count on expired birth control.

What It's Like Being Transgender in the Emergency RoomNational Geographic
Seventy percent of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals have faced serious discrimination in a healthcare setting.

HIV Rates Rise in at Least Two US Hot SpotsCNN
Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Beaver County, Pennsylvania are seeing unexpected spikes in cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to health officials.

Chlamydia Doubled Ovarian Cancer Risk, Study ShowsToday
According to new research, the most common sexually transmitted disease can double a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer.

Why an Imperfect HIV Vaccine Could Be Better Than None At AllNPR
An experimental vaccine against the AIDS virus is being tested in South Africa. Scientists hope it will succeed where others have failed. But in the meantime, there has been progress on other fronts.

Trump's Administration Has a Secret War on Transgender Health CareThe Hill
In a proposed rule that would allow healthcare workers to refuse to provide care on moral or religious objections there is concern of an unequal emphasis on protecting the rights of LGBTQ Americans.

This Is How to Apologize for Sexual MisconductMen’s Health
If you realized you've crossed the line and hurt someone in the process, here's what you need to do next. In some cases, the answer is simple: apologize.

A Small Trial for a Male Birth Control Pill Was Successful—If You’re Okay With Serious Sexual Side EffectsQuartz
Researchers from the University of Washington presented the first promising results of a small clinical trial on men using a hormonal pill for a month.

5 STDs With No Symptoms (& How to Know If You Have One)Elite Daily
Not all STDs manifest in visible ways on your face or genitalia, but that doesn't mean the infections aren't there. Many STDs can go without showing symptoms for years.

An STD Test Can Cost as Little as $0, FYIElite Daily
If you're worried about the cost of an STD test, don't be. There are many affordable options out there. The cost of an STD test depends on where you get it, as well as your income, but it can cost as little as $0.


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