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This is How Plan B ACTUALLY Works – Refinery29
Experts from NCSH members Power To Decide and Planned Parenthood discuss the facts behind emergency contraception, including how it works and doesn’t work. NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Pari Ghodsi and June Gupta, MSN.

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40% of People With HIV Transmit Most New Infections In The US, A New Analysis Says. Here’s The Plan to Stop The Spread – CNN
Many new HIV infections are being transmitted by the 40% of people with HIV who either have not been diagnosed or have been diagnosed but are not yet receiving care, says the CDC.

How Should Colleges Respond to New DeVos Rules On Campus Sexual Assault? – The Washington Post
The pressure is on universities as the new Title IX regulations give them the freedom to limit the scope of what counts as sexual harassment under their own rules.

Many Transgender People Drive Hours to Find Health Care. These Advocates Are Trying to Change That. – The Washington Post
An advocacy group has created an online database that allows transgender individuals to recommend and review medical providers based on their competency in delivering specialized, LGBT-friendly care.

Dot Fertility Tracking App Was Found To Be Over 90% Effective At Preventing Pregnancy & Here’s What You Should Know – Bustle
A fertility tracking app has proven to be more effective in typical-use scenarios than both the pill and condoms, providing an alternative for those concerned about the side effects of other methods.

Crying After Sex Isn’t Uncommon—And Women Deserve to Know Why – Glamour
Experts say postcoital dysphoria, a sudden and unexplained sadness after sex, is experienced regularly by about 2 percent of women—but they’re not quite sure why.

How to Talk Back to Locker Room Talk – Men’s Health
Men’s Health discusses how men can help shut down locker room talk and sexual harassment, and when to speak up.

Sexual Health Expert Explains How to Recognize the First Sign of Syphilis – Inverse
Catching syphilis early is crucial, yet it’s often overlooked and many people don’t know what to look for. Researchers discuss how to identify sores before they heal and the infection lingers.

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