Sexual Health in the News Mar 1 - Mar 7

NCSH in the News

Helping Men Choose a Birth Control Option – Medical Economics
Logan Nickels, PhD, from Male Contraceptive Initiative, encourages physicians to discuss birth control options with men—options that include more than just condoms. NCSH arranged the interview.

Trump’s Overhaul of Federal Family Planning Program Faces Multiple Lawsuits – NPR
Lawsuits are tackling new Title X restrictions, which ban organizations that provide or refer women for abortions from receiving funds to provide other vital health care services. NCSH member, Planned Parenthood, is quoted.

Why Child Sexual Abuse Survivors May Defend Their Abusers – Refinery29
In light of the new Michael Jackson documentary, some people wonder why child sexual abuse survivors sometimes defend their abusers. Psychologists discuss fear of retaliation, of not being believed, and of causing harm to the abuser. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, an NCSH member, is quoted.

Other News This Week

H.I.V. Is Reported Cured in a Second Patient, a Milestone in the Global AIDS Epidemic – New York Times
A bone-marrow transplant has “cured” a second patient of H.I.V., nearly 12 years after the first patient was cured, but scientists say it is unlikely to be a realistic treatment option in the near future.

An Alabama Man Is Suing an Abortion Clinic on Behalf of an Aborted Fetus – TIME
A man who says his ex-girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes is suing the women’s reproductive health center who provided her the medical care.

Spending on Abstinence-Only Education Not Tied to Fewer Teen Births – Reuters
A recent study suggests government spending on abstinence-only education is not reducing teen pregnancies and, in some areas, is having the opposite effect.

3 Big US Churches in Turmoil Over Sex Abuse, LGBT Policy – Associated Press
The Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, and United Methodist churches are concerned about retaining or attracting young people in light of sexual abuse scandals and views on LGBT inclusion.

LGBTQ+ People Share Their Most Awkward and Embarrassing Healthcare Experiences – Refinery29
Questions by health care professionals are largely geared toward straight patients, making for uncomfortable corrections and lack of access to quality care for many LGBTQ+ patients.

Gender Equality is Linked to Higher Contraceptive Use in Teens and Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal – Bustle
A recent study revealed that female and male teens in countries with higher levels of gender equality were more likely to use contraceptives, potentially showing that societal acceptance of gender equality can make pregnancy prevention everyone’s responsibility—not just women’s.

10 Things You Should Never Put In or Near Your Body During Sex – Business Insider
The use of props, tools, and toys is a normal part of a healthy sex life, but an OB/GYN and surgeon warn against some specific items.

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