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How to Have Hot, Wet Water Sex – SheKnows
The third-most highly rated way to improve anyone’s sex life is to experiment more, and in the hot months of summer, what better way to experiment than to change up the environment by having sex in the water. NCSH facilitated the interview with Dr. Ana Cepin who is quoted.   

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Order Birth Control Online – The Verge
More and more companies offer online prescriptions for birth control pills — without the need to see a doctor. NCSH members Nurx and Lemonaid are mentioned.

Trump's Redirection of Family Planning Funds Could Undercut STD Fight – NPR
A Trump administration effort to shift family planning funding away from organizations that offer comprehensive reproductive health services could cripple federal efforts to stop a dramatic increase in sexually transmitted diseases in the US.

How Universities Deal With Sexual Harassment Needs Sweeping Change, Panel Says – New York Times
According to a new report, years of efforts to prevent sexual harassment in science, engineering and medicine have failed, and universities need to make sweeping changes in the way they deal with the issue.

Everything You Need To Know About HIV Prevention Drug PrEP – Huffington Post
Accessing and affording PrEP isn’t as easy as it should be, especially for patients living outside of major urban areas. Plus, there are other crucial pieces of knowledge about PrEP you should know.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Have Another Mission: Public School Sex Ed – Huffington Post
In classrooms across the United States, crisis pregnancy centers have branched out, entering public schools to encourage teens to remain abstinent until marriage. Their antics are drawing the alarm and ire of a growing number of parents.

The Women’s Libido Pill Is Back, and So Is the Controversy – Bloomberg
Addyi, known as “female Viagra,” all but disappeared from view in the wake of Valeant Pharmaceuticals implosion. But now it’s back—and so is the debate.

6 Things Every Transgender Person Should Know About Going to the Doctor – Self
Transgender patients often experience barriers to health care, including discrimination and a lack of providers who are knowledgeable about and sensitive to this population. As a result, many transgender and nonbinary people avoid seeking care.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Genital Herpes – Women’s Health
On some level, you already know that genital herpes is super-common and not at all a death sentence (for you or your sex life)—but all of that knowledge tends to go out the window when you see bumps in a place where bumps should not be.

Why Is Everyone Hating On Birth Control Pills Right Now? – ShapeFor more than 50 years, the Pill has been celebrated by hundreds of millions of women around the world. But in recent years, a birth control backlash has been brewing.


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