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Gender-Free Sex Toys Are The Future of Personal Pleasure – Well + Good
Experts discuss the importance of making gender-free sex toys accessible as gendering sex toys, or subscribing only to certain ways of using a toy, often leaves out queer bodies and experiences. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Logan Levkoff.

Other News This Week

Daily HIV Prevention Pill Urged for Healthy People At Risk, New Guidelines Say – NBC News
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent panel of experts that makes recommendations for doctors, has officially released a guideline stating doctors should offer the HIV prevention pill PrEP to healthy people at high risk of infection.

Catholic Church Rejects Transgender Identity, Calls Gender Change A ‘Trend’ In Statement – USA Today
The Vatican released a document rejecting the idea that transgender people can change their gender identity and calling non-binary gender “fictitious.” The document is intended to “help guide Catholic contributions to the ongoing debate about human sexuality.”

The Male Biological Clock Is Ticking Too: How Age Impacts Men’s Fertility – HuffPost
Experts explore men’s fertility, particularly the decline as they age. Men over 40 are half as likely to get their partners pregnant as men under age 25, and there is an association between advanced paternal age and higher risk of complications for mother and child.

39% of America’s LGBTQ Youth Considered Suicide in The Past Year: Brainstorm Health – Fortune
According to a new survey, 39% of LGBTQ youth respondents seriously considered suicide in the past year and 67% said that someone had tried to coerce them into changing their sexual orientation voluntarily or through conversion therapy.

This Startup Brings Birth Control to Your Doorstep, With Or Without Insurance – CNN
A recent survey revealed that one of the top reasons women skip their birth control medication is lack of time to go to the pharmacy to pick it up.  In response, a new company was created that prescribes, refills, and delivers birth control to women, regardless of whether they have insurance or not.

35 States in The U.S. Still Charge Women A Tampon Tax – Fortune
In 70% of states across the country, women are charged a sales tax when they buy tampons and sanitary napkins, resulting in a total of $150 million a year spent on the sales tax for these essential items.

Abortion Funding Isn’t As Popular As Democrats Think – Slate
While polls show a majority of Americans oppose restrictions on abortion, the majority of Americans still oppose public funding of abortion, except in rape cases or to save the woman’s life.

No One Talks About Perimenopause—It’s Time To Change That – Glamour
Perimenopause, the ambiguous period of time in a female body’s reproductive life that means “around menopause”, is rarely discussed, and women and experts want to change that so women are better prepared for what to expect.

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