Sexual Health in the News June 5 - June 11

NCSH in the News

What to Consider Before Having Sex in a Pandemic – Elemental
Expecting people to remain celibate until there’s a coronavirus vaccine is unreasonable, but safety measures, such as having fewer sexual partners or wearing a mask during sex, can help control the spread. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Peter Leone.

Efforts to Curb Congenital Syphilis Falter in COVID’s Shadow – Kaiser Health News
A new CDC report aims to explain why many women aren’t getting needed care to prevent congenital syphilis in their babies. But with many resources diverted to COVID-19, experts fear the rate of deadly infections will only get worse. NCSH members, NCSD and NACCHO, are both quoted.

Why Students Need Sex Education That’s Honest About Racism – Rewire.News
It is not enough to say that we advocate for “culturally responsive” sex ed. We have to show that our sex education is as honest about racism as it is on any other topic. This piece is authored by NCSH member, SIECUS. 

Other News This Week

Injection Every 2 Months Could Stop HIV Transmission, Study Shows – ABC News
A new form of PrEP would allow patients to get an injection every two months rather than taking a pill every day. This could alleviate a variety of issues caused by needing to take the daily pill. 

The Dangers of Excluding Women from HIV Prevention Drug Tests – WIRED
PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, pills are highly effective in blocking HIV if taken daily. But their drug trials have a mixed track record for including women.

The Sexual Health Supply Chain Is Broken – The Atlantic
Condoms, birth control, and other items are harder to get in the developing world because of the pandemic. That is putting lives at risk.

Adoption Agency Should Be Able to Reject Gay Couples, Trump Administration Argues – NBC News
The Justice Department filed a Supreme Court brief in support of a taxpayer-funded Catholic group that refuses to work with same-sex prospective parents.

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Rhythm Method of Contraception – Cosmopolitan
The rhythm method is a contraceptive technique that involves a heterosexual couple having sex based on when the female is ovulating. This article covers what it is and how it works.

How to Get Out of a Relationship Rut When You’re Quarantined with Your Partner – INSIDER
With coronavirus, couples are often spending more time together than normal, resulting in some feeling disconnected. A therapist shares the reasons why, along with suggestions for moving forward.

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