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Pentagon Ends Long-Standing Restrictions On Service Members With HIV-  NBC News
The Defense Department has officially ended a policy that restricted HIV-positive service members from deploying overseas and being promoted into leadership and management positions.

Proposed Federal Law Prohibits Nonconsensual Condom Removal: ‘A Dangerous Form of Sexual Assault’ -  Ms. Magazine
Proposed federal legislation would create a new federal civil rights violation of “condom stealthing”, which is the removing of a condom during sex without verbal consent from a partner.

Georgia Court Rules Against Employers That Deny Transgender Health CoverageNBC News
A federal court in Georgia ruled that employers who exclude gender-affirming medical care from health insurance coverage violate federal law.

Gender Identity Lessons, Banned In Some Schools, Are Rising In Others - The Washington Post
While multiple states are passing legislation to restrict the content of sexual education in schools, other states and educators are working to expand the content to include information for LGBTQAI+ students.  

How Overturning Roe V. Wade Can Impact The Economy - Forbes
Economists weigh in on how restrictions on abortion access can impact the overall economy, including the gender pay gap, childcare costs, and decrease in workforce population.

A Vanishing Word in Abortion Debate: ‘Women’The New York Times
Sexual health advocacy groups and medical organizations have adopted more inclusive language when discussing pregnancy, which includes terms like “pregnant people” and “chestfeeding”.

About 5% Of Young Adults In The U.S. Say Their Gender Is Different From Their Sex Assigned At Birth – Pew Research Center
A new poll shows that 5.1% of Americans under 30 identify as transgender or nonbinary, and more than four-in-ten adults report knowing someone who identifies as transgender.

What Roe V. Wade's End Could Mean For LGBTQ Rights-  NBC News
In addition to  concerns about limiting access to sexual and reproductive health care, advocates are also concerned that gender affirming care and same-sex marriage are in jeopardy.

Congenital Syphilis Is on the Rise, and It Has Serious Consequences For InfantsPOPSUGAR
With increasing cases of  congenital syphilis, medical professionals are concerned about its impact on newborns and infants. An expert explains what congenital syphilis is, the symptoms, and treatment.

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