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HPV Test is Better Than Pap Smear at Detecting Precancerous Cervical Changes, Study Says – Washington Post
A new study found that the HPV test was better than the Pap smear in detecting precancerous changes that can lead to cervical cancer.

Rising Cost of PrEP to Prevent HIV Infection Pushes It Out of Reach for Many – NPR
Public health officials are expanding efforts to get PrEP into the hands of those at risk. But the officials are hitting roadblocks — the drug's price tag, which has surged in recent years, and changes in insurance coverage that put a heftier financial burden on patients.

An Ohio Bill Would Force Teachers and Doctors to Out Transgender Children – TIME
A bill up for consideration by Ohio lawmakers would require teachers and doctors to tell parents if their child is transgender or appears to be questioning their gender identity.

Just One Sexual Harassment Claim Can Tarnish a Company’s Image – Washington Post
Even in the #MeToo era, companies still might take an allegation of sexual misconduct less seriously than they do a claim of financial fraud. A new study suggests — at least when it comes to their public image — maybe they should not.

LGBT Organizations Focused on Reducing Healthcare Stigma in Aging Adults – Medical Bag
Members of the LGBT community regularly face health disparities because of violence, stigma, and discrimination. Researchers at Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, and Sexuality/Gender Study have set out to examine the consequences of those disparities.

8 Unexpected Signs Your Birth Control Isn’t Right For You & What You Should Do – Bustle
Birth control offers a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, when the birth control pill you're using isn't right for you, it can do the exact opposite. Here are a few unexpected ways to tell if your birth control isn't best for you.

How To Practice Equality In Your Sex Life – Bustle
Feminism means equality not just in the office or the kitchen, but also in the bedroom. But what exactly does it mean to practice equality in your sex life?

Which Trump Should Be Believed On Overturning Roe v. Wade? – NPR
On the campaign trail, President Trump said Roe would be overturned if he got to change the balance on the court, but now he vows not to even raise the issue with prospective nominees. Has the president changed his mind on abortion?

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