Sexual Health in the News June 28 - July 11

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Your Guide to STI and STD Testing – Blood + Milk
Dr. Peter Leone discusses STI testing, including why you should get tested, how often you should get tested, what the process of getting tested is like, how long it takes to receive results, and what to do if you test positive. The NCSH arranged the interview.

How to Track Your Cycle for Fertility – The EveryGirl
Dr. Kate O’Connell White, an NCSH member, discusses tracking your cycle for fertility, including what to track, how to track it, and tools to help. The NCSH arranged the interview.

Other News This Week

Scientists Say They Found a Cure For HIV In Some Mice. Humans Could Be Next. – The Washington Post
Researchers say they have removed HIV from the DNA of mice by using an antiviral drug in combination with a tool called CRISPR that can edit genes, an achievement that could be a first step toward a cure for humans.

Providing 12 Months of Birth Control Pills At Once Is Beneficial, New Research Says – USA Today
According to new research, distributing a year’s supply of birth control pills to women upfront reduces unintended pregnancies. The researchers also determined the policy is economically feasible, as giving patients more oral contraceptive pills is less expensive than the potential pregnancy health care costs.

The Epstein Arrest Sheds More Grim Light On Sex Trafficking – Business Insider
As public attention turns toward sex trafficking, experts review the basics, including where sex trafficking most commonly happens, who the victims are, who the traffickers are, and how much money it generates.

Years After Sexual Assault, Survivors Hounded to Pay Bills For The Rape Kit Exam – NPR
Despite the federal Violence Against Women Act requiring states to cover the cost of medical forensic exams for people who have been sexually assaulted, victims are still being forced to pay expensive medical bills.

Fertility-Tracking Apps: Popular, Hyped—And Often Inaccurate – POLITICO
According to experts, fertility apps don’t provide information that can reliably help women avoid or achieve pregnancy despite marketing to the contrary, but the FDA has largely taken a hands-off position on these products.

How Powerful Abusers Groom & Manipulate Young People – Refinery29
Experts discuss grooming—a word used to label a variety of behaviors that abusers use to trick and deceive someone into trusting them—in the context of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

Why Women Getting Abortions Now Are More Likely to Be Poor – The New York Times
Half of all women who got an abortion in 2014 lived in poverty, double the share from 1994, when only about a quarter of the women who had abortions were low-income. Experts discuss reasons for the changing statistic.

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