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The LGBTQ Population is Growing, but Medical Schools Haven't Caught Up - NBC News
Medical schools are failing to include a comprehensive LGBTQ+ focused curricula, causing inadequate preparation for the next generation of doctors to properly care for this population.  

An Age-By-Age Guide to Talking to Kids About Sex - Life Hacker
A guide to encourage ongoing open communication between parents and children regarding age-appropriate conversations about sex, their bodies, and boundaries.  

At Home Abortions Should be Featured in Tv and Movies as Often as They Occur IRL - Women’s Health Mag
Abortion portrayals on TV often misrepresent the reality of the procedure which can negatively impact the perception of abortion and reproductive healthcare.  

Massachusetts Considering Major Changes to Physical and Sexual Education Curriculum - CBS News
For the first time in 24 years, The Board of Education and Secondary Education have drafted a proposal to change the physical and sexual education framework for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Inside a Secret Lesbian Sex Toy Smuggling Ring - Vice
In the 1980’s UK, many LGTBQ+ and erotic publications were banned. The company Thrilling Bits, however, imported and sold dildos, vibrators, and queer erotica right under the nose of customs. 

New York Just Became a Safe Haven State for Transgender Youth and Their Families - Them
On Sunday, New York’s governor signed a legislation that protect trans youth and their parents, including providing a safe haven for those who seek care in the state.  

Why Post-Roe Abortion Restrictions Worry Domestic Violence Experts - PBS
Advocates shed light on the alarming connection between restricted abortion access and escalating domestic violence.  

'People Are Like, Wow!': The Man Trying to Make Condoms Sexy - The Guardian 
Durex’s unconventional leader is testing societal norms to help transform condoms into universally pleasurable objects, despite the challenges of marketing an unsexy product. 

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