Sexual Health in the News June 21 - June 27

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‘Big Little Lies’ Asks the Important Questions About Discussing Past Sexual Assault with a New Partner – Well + Good
Is it always necessary to reveal a past sexual trauma to a new partner to allow a relationship to move forward? And if you do choose to share your history, how are you supposed to do so? The NCSH provided background information for this story.

Experts Recommend Discussing These 7 Things Before You Get Intimate – Bustle
When you're starting to have sex with someone, there are a few things you should talk about. NCSH member, sexologist Emily L. Depasse, is quoted.

Other News This Week

Bill Proposes Fully Covering HIV-Prevention Drug PrEP – CNN
US Senator Kamala Harris is introducing a bill to reduce the transmission of HIV by encouraging the use of PrEP. If it becomes law, PrEP would be free to most patients.

Can Over-the-Counter Birth Control Become a Bipartisan Issue? – TIME
Women in more than 100 countries can buy birth control pills without a prescription. Now, some members of Congress from both parties are arguing that the United States should allow it as well.

The New 'Female Viagra' Has Reignited a Debate Over Drugs and Female Sexuality TIME
This week, the FDA approved Vyleesi, a libido drug being hailed as the new “female Viagra.” The move seems like a win for women’s sexual health—but it has reignited a debate over the role drugs should play in complicated issues like desire.

HPV Vaccine Now Recommended Through Age 45 in Some Cases – Washington Post
A federal advisory panel said that some people through age 45 could benefit from getting an HPV vaccine and should discuss the possibility with their doctors. The recommendation could expand the pool of people whose insurance providers cover the HPV vaccine.

The Unintended Consequences of the Contraceptive Mandate – The Atlantic
Its exclusion of men perpetuates harmful stereotypes. The most obvious one is that birth control continues to be considered a woman’s responsibility.

Some US Women Are Taking Reproductive Matters Into Their Own Hands: They're Ordering Abortion Pills by Mail – USA Today
In Aid Access' first year of operation, 21,000 U.S. women contacted the online organization that offers abortion pills internationally. Requests came from all over the country – especially from states where abortion is tightly restricted.

How to Navigate Gender Dysphoria During Sex – Teen Vogue
Transgender young people can be even less prepared than their cisgender classmates for navigating sex and sexuality — especially if they're experiencing gender dysphoria.

5 Ridiculously Common Worries Sex Therapists Hear All the Time – Self
When you rarely see people discussing their sexual anxieties, it’s easy to assume you’re the only one who’s worried. For anyone asking, “Am I normal?” here are the topics that come up again and again, according to sex therapists.
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