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1 in 3 Women Struggled to Get Birth Control or Reproductive Health Care Because of Coronavirus – VICE
The pandemic has been even worse for women’s reproductive health care than the 2008 recession. And this is just the beginning.

The New Rules of Sex – Vox
How do we balance the urge for sex and our care for our own health? Vox spoke with a few experts — doctors, epidemiologists, sex therapists, sex workers — about what they’ve seen during the pandemic and what they believe the future of sex and dating will be.

Pride Month: 12 Key Numbers Highlighting the Economic Status, Challenges That LGBTQ People Face – NBC News
Bias and lack of protections create a cascade of financial strikes for sexual minorities. These 12 numbers show the state of LGBTQ economic inequality in the U.S.

After Virtual Schooling, Sex-Ed May Never Look the Same – Bustle
As the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered school doors across the country and “classrooms” moved online, many districts stopped sex education altogether. Now, online resources are helping parents that want to make sure their children are still learning.

How to Have a Healthy Threesome – Shape
If you’re one of the 89 percent of people who want to have a threesome, but don’t know where to start, this guide can help. Experts discuss what a threesome is, why some people might want to have one, and tips for how to have a healthy one.

New Documentary Provides a Helpful Lens During a Whiplash Week for Transgender Rights – CNN
“Disclosure,” a new documentary about transgender representation on screen, offers a window into how on-screen portrayals can both reflect and reinforce the offensive caricatures that have long hovered over transgender people off camera.

What Does a New 10-Year Study Teach Us About What We Talk About When We Talk About Abortion? – Vogue
According to a researcher who led a study of women who had or were denied abortions, one of the fundamental problems with the discussion of abortion in the U.S. is that we don’t discuss it as a personal issue, but as an abstract political debate.

Starting a Family Costs More for Queer People Like Me – Rewire.News
Within the pro-choice movement, we often end up focusing on abortion and contraception, and we leave out those facing a different sort of barrier – infertility for LGBTQ people.

If the Government Cared About HIV, PrEP Would Be Free – Rewire.News
When PrEP hit the market in 2012 it was quickly recognized as a highly effective method for preventing HIV. So why isn’t this life-saving medication free and accessible for all. 

What You Should Know About the Birth Control Shot Before Trying It – INSIDER
If you struggle to remember to take your birth control pill, the birth control shot could be an effective alternative (as long as you’re comfortable with injections). Here are some things you should know before giving it a try. 

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