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Trans Women Are Still Incarcerated With Men And It's Putting Their Lives At Risk – CNN
Despite a 1994 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which noted that failing to protect trans people in government custody was unconstitutional, transgender people still face dangers when incarcerated.

For HIV/AIDS Survivors, COVID-19 Reawakened Old Trauma—And Renewed Calls for Change – TIME
Authors spoke with HIV/AIDS survivors about their experiences both with the AIDS epidemic and with COVID-19, and about the historical parallels relating to isolation and stereotyping.

Judge Blocks Iowa Abortion Law Requiring 24-Hour Waiting Period – CNN
An Iowa law requiring women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion was permanently blocked and ruled unconstitutional since it violated a 2018 Iowa Supreme Court decision protecting abortion rights.

Defense Secretary Will Back A Seismic Shift In Prosecuting Military Sex Assault Cases – NPR
The Secretary of Defense announced they will support changes to the military justice system, which would let independent military lawyers handle the cases, rather than the chain of command. .

Shareholder Activists Advocating For Gender Equality Focus On Tackling Sexual Harassment – Forbes
Shareholder activists have often advocated for more transparency around gender pay equity, diversity, and inclusion from large companies. However, recent shareholder resolutions call for sexual harassment disclosures.

What Is Nonhormonal Birth Control?  – Healthline
Nonhormonal birth control reduces the risk of an unwanted pregnancy without using  hormones. This article explains this method, available options, and how to choose the best option.

The Doctor’s Office Isn’t Always A Safe Space For LGBTQ People. This Advice Could Save A Life. – Women’s Health Magazine
Around 70 percent of transgender or gender non-conforming people and 56 percent of lesbian, gay, or bisexual patients say they’ve experienced discrimination in healthcare. This article helps people find LGBTQ+ inclusive providers and advocate for themselves.  

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