Sexual Health in the News June 16 - June 22

NCSH in the News

Dating News wrote a feature story on The National Coalition for Sexual Health and how the work we do helps the public enjoy good sexual health, including safer and pleasurable sex. The article can be found here National Coalition for Sexual Health Empowers the Public to Lead Safe and Fulfilling Sex Lives. 

Figuring out self-pleasure, self-love, and masturbation can feel tricky when you don’t know where to start, but the right toy can make all the difference. Tyomi Morgan, an NCSH member, is featured.   

Other News This Week

As a growing number of states restrict abortion, other states and some local municipalities are substantially increasing funding for abortion and other reproductive health services. 

A new report puts US states’ health care systems on a scorecard. It also highlights alarming trends across the country, especially in areas like premature deaths and women’s health care. 

Doctors in New York who prescribe abortion pills to patients in states where the procedure is illegal would be provided with legal protection under a bill approved by state lawmakers. 

Misinformation can be dangerous wherever you find it. Here's how to stay safe. 

Twenty-five million women of childbearing age now live in states where the law makes abortions harder to get than they were before the ruling. 

Sex workers, therapists, educators, and more give their best advice for talking about STIs with your boo. 

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