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Exactly How to Tell Your Partner What You Want in Bed – TonicCommunication is essential when it comes to your sexual relationships, but a lack of communication goes beyond just the threat of STIs. NCSH members Logan Levkoff and Shan Boodram discuss good communication, our Five Action Steps, and why it's so important to talk about sex with your partners.

Sexual Assaults on Airplanes Are Increasing, FBI Warns Summer Travelers – Washington Post
The FBI in Maryland is warning travelers taking to the skies this summer to be cautious as airlines nationwide have seen a recent spike in the number of sexual assaults reported on commercial flights.

Fewer Teens Having Sex and Using Drugs, CDC Survey Finds – CNN
According to a new CDC survey, sex and drug use are on the decline among teenagers in the United States. However, other health risks -- including suicidal ideation and bullying -- do not appear to be subsiding, and experts are concerned.

Being Transgender No Longer Classified as Mental Illness. Here's Why – USA Today
Being transgender is no longer classified as a mental illness by the World Health Organization – a key sign of progress for an often-marginalized community. 

Has #MeToo Changed Men? Guys Respond to the Movement and How They Feel About Masculinity – ABC News/GMA
A year after survivors catapulted #MeToo into a global movement by sharing personal accounts of sexual assault, men are now reflecting on the movement and what it means to them.

Stressing About Money Might Be Killing Your Sex Life. Here’s How to Revive It. – Huffington Post
Worrying about money doesn’t just cause couples to quarrel. It can destroy your sex life, whether you’re used to going at it solo or with a partner.

Is It OK to Use a Condom as a Dental Dam? – Self
Dental dams are thin sheets of latex or polyurethane that go over the vagina or anal area to avoid transmission of STIs during oral sex. Sounds great in theory. But if you need a dental dam in practice and don’t have one, what are you supposed to do? As it turns out, you can improvise.

How Does Circumcision Really Affect Your Sex Life? Here Are the Facts – Men’s Health
A growing number of guys are speaking out against what they see as a cruel and barbaric practice. But how much does it actually affect your sex life?

9 Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control Every Woman Should Know – Women’s HealthAbout 60 percent of women in the US take hormonal birth control. While birth control side effects are mostly awesome, they can admittedly also be sucky.


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