Sexual Health in the News June 10 - June 16

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Why You Should Ditch Your Douche - Get Me Giddy 
Even with the purest of intentions, douching is generally not recommended by experts. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member Dr. Kate White. 

Everything You Need to Know About Perimenopause - The Every Mom 
Dr. Gretchen Frey, provides an overview of perimenopause, its symptoms and questions to ask your doctor during the menopausal phase.  NCSH arranged the interview. 

Other News This Week

Condom ‘stealthing’ is sexual violence, bill says. Here’s what to know. - The Washington Post  
Stealthing, the act of removing a condom during intercourse without the other partner’s consent, is gaining attention among lawmakers. 

Women are unprepared for the realities of menopause. Experts say that urgently needs to change - Fortune 
Menopause experts say there is a crucial need for awareness and open communication around the realities of aging.   

How The Future Of Roe v. Wade May Impact Mental Health, According To Experts - Forbes Health 
With a forthcoming Supreme Court ruling that could limit and/or restrict abortion in many states, the conversation about the relationship between abortion and mental health has become extremely timely.  

Biden launches plan to protect transgender youths’ health care - Politico 
An executive order will call on HHS to clarify that federally funded programs cannot offer conversion therapy. 

What are some sexual health problems that can affect males? - Medical News Today 
Some sexual health problems that can affect males include persistent difficulties with erections and ejaculation or a lack of sexual desire. 

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