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Let's Talk About Sex: How to Know You're in a Healthy Sexual Relationship – ABC News/GMA
Are you in a healthy sexual relationship? The answer is a resounding no if you're not able to find fulfillment on your own and not able to voice your wants and needs. NCSH members Shan Boodram and Dr. Logan Levkoff talk about healthy relationships and the NCSH’s Five Action Steps.

When Is A Person "Least Fertile"? – Refinery29
If you can calculate when you're most fertile, can you also tell the days in your cycle are you least likely to get pregnant? NCSH member Dr. Kate O’Connell White discuses.

What You Need To Know About This "Stealthy" STI – Refinery29
An estimated 3.7 million people in the United States have trichomoniasis, but only 30% will experience symptoms. When people do experience symptoms, they often confuse them with vaginal infections, which is what makes it tricky. NCSH member Dr. Kate O’Connell White is quoted.

Gonorrhea 101: Everything You Need to Know About the STI – Women’s HealthWith an estimated 820,000 new cases each year, gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported STI. It's important to know exactly what you're dealing with when it comes to gonorrhea so that you can protect yourself. NCSH member, Jenelle Marie, founder of, is mentioned.

A Side-Effect of Preventing HIV with PrEP: Less Condom Use – NBC News
According to a new Australian study, as more people use PrEP, they are less likely to use condoms, which could help fuel the already widening epidemics of other sexually transmitted infections.

Experimental HIV Vaccine Could Be Tested on Humans Next Year – Newsweek
Scientists have created an experimental HIV vaccine that is able to neutralize HIV in animal models. Although the study was conducted on animals, human trials could begin as early as next year.

Antidepressants Can Lower Your Sex Drive. Here’s How to Fix It. – Huffington Post
For the more than 16 million Americans living with depression, antidepressants are often an option in providing some relief from their symptoms. However, side effects are common, and that means for some, sex is impossible.

Prices Keep Rising for Drugs Treating Painful Sex in Women – New York Times
While women privately fume about the costs, drug makers have been able to raise their prices without a public outcry in part because the topic — women’s sex lives and their vaginas — is still pretty much taboo.

Sex May Improve Your Memory When You're Older — But There's a Catch – Men’s Health
According to a recent study, a healthy sex life could improve short-term memory for adults over 50. However, sex wasn’t shown to enhance long-term memories.

How Sex and the City Holds Up in the #MeToo Era – Vanity Fair
Sex and the City
premiered on HBO 20 years ago, staking its claim to a bold thesis: maybe women want sex as much as men do, and maybe they don’t need men for much else. Its sex positivity still resonates, but its vision of female freedom sometimes doesn’t.

4 Best Condoms for Feeling – Men’s Health
Guys often complain that condoms don't let them feel anything during sex. But if you're convinced that wearing a condom sucks, it may be time to invest in a different type of condom.

You Can Now Get Birth Control Pills Online Without Seeing a Doctor — Here Are the Pros and Cons – InsiderFor many people, it's now possible to get birth control pills without an in-person doctor's appointment. Ordering birth control online has lots of benefits and few downsides.


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