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Teen Sex-Ed Resources For Oh, Oh, Those Summer Nights - NPR
This article lists resources for parents who want to educate their teens about their bodies, sex and relationships. The AMAZE videos created by NCSH members Advocates for Youth, Answer, and YTH are included.

'It's Like Having an Incurable Disease': Inside the Fight Against Revenge Porn - Time
As smart phones with cameras have proliferated, so has non-consensual porn (aka "revenge porn"), a digital sex crime that has upended thousands of lives, but still mostly eludes law enforcement.

The Opioid Epidemic Is Making the Fight Against HIV More Difficult  - The Washington Post 
Bringing down the rate of HIV infection is one of the United States' great public health triumphs of the past quarter-century. Now, thanks to the opioid epidemic, some of those hard-won gains may be reversed.      

Americans Should Be More Afraid of HPV  - Vox
Until recently, most oropharyngeal cancers showed up in people who smoked and drank heavily, and usually quite late in life. These cancers are increasingly in middle-aged adults and are caused by HPV.      

8 Sexual Health Conditions Millennial Men Aren't Talking About (but Should Be) - Reader's Digest
Four out of five men aged 18-34 have never talked to a family member about sexual health, according to a new national survey. But this is the prime age for men to take charge of their health.  

New Mexico Makes It Easier For Women to Obtain Birth Control - The Washington Post
New Mexico has instituted a new policy allowing pharmacists to prescribe birth control directly to women, part of a wave of state efforts to make it easier for women to get contraceptives.

A New Alexa Skill Will Help You Set the Mood. Oh, and Buy Condoms.  - Mashable
SKYN condoms has developed a new skill for Amazon's Alexa that allows you to start playing music to "set the mood" hands-free. You can also ask Alexa to find and order condoms for you.

Vaginal Bacteria May Affect Herpes and Zika Virus  - WebMD  
Vaginal bacteria may affect the sexually transmitted Zika virus and herpes simplex virus-2, possibly helping to protect women from these infections, a new study suggests.

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