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El proyecto de ley de salud republicano tendra un efecto "devastador" en los latinos  - Univsion
This Spanish-language article quotes coalition member NCSD about how the Better Care Reconciliation Act could increase rates of STDs. (It can be read in English in Google Chrome)

Senior Lifestyles - Yes, Your Grandmother Is Having Sex - Chicago Sun-Times
This article features NCSH member Melanie Davis, who developed Safersex4seniors, a resource to educate seniors about practicing safer sex.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Internal CondomBuzzFeed Health
The female condom (aka "internal condom"), which is manufactured by NCSH member Veru Healthcare, is a mystery to many. This in-depth article answers all your questions. 

President Trump Wants You to Know He Actually Does Care About HIV/AIDS  - The Washington Post
The White House has issued an earnest statement attributed to President Trump about HIV/AIDS in America. Some believe this is meant to counter fallout from the resignation of six members of the PACHA.

The Truth About Missouri's Controversial "Birth Control Bill" - Bustle 
This article clarifies that a bill in the Missouri legislature was inaccurately described as potentially allowing employers to discriminate against women for their reproductive decisions.       

4 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Their Sexual Health Before You Have Sex  - Elite Daily
Before having sex, couples should have an open honest dialogue about their health history. Here are four key questions to ask.       

Emory Develops National Database of Clinics That Prescribe HIV Prevention Drug PrEP  - Rollins Magazine
A research assistant professor at Emory University has developed the PrEP Locator, the first national database of clinics that prescribe PrEP.

Can a High-Tech Condom Actually Make Sex Feel Better for Women?  - Glamour
New generation condoms are extremely thin and use innovative materials, but are still just "meh" when it comes to improving sensation.

16 Teens Got REAL About Their Concerns Regarding Sexual Assault at College  - Teen Vogue
Outgoing high school seniors were asked how the prevalence of college sexual assault, rape culture, or their own past experiences have impacted their feelings about being incoming college freshman. Here's what they had to say.


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