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Birth Control Apps Are Helping Women Circumvent the Conservative War on Reproductive Rights - Mic
NCSH member Nurx and a number of other telemedicine services are trying to make getting contraception and other reproductive health services as simple as ordering takeout on Seamless.

Teens Today Are Having Less Sex. But Are Researchers Asking the Right Questions? - Newsweek
This article features quotes by NCSH members SIECUS and AASECT about the new CDC report on teen sexual behavior.

Not Quite Half of American Teens Have Had Sex By 18. That's Actually Low. - The Washington Post
According to a new CDC report reflecting data from 2011 to 2015, about 42 percent of girls and about 44 percent of boys ages 15-19 reported that they'd had sex. Both numbers continue a gradual decades-long decline.

6 Resigned From Trump's HIV/AIDS Advisory Board. Here's Why One Doctor Stayed - Time 
On June 16, six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) resigned in frustration over President Trump's policies in health care. However, not all members felt that leaving was the most effective way forward.      

Missouri Is One Step Closer to Disqualifying You for Jobs Because You Take Birth Control - Bustle
On Tuesday, the Missouri House voted to let employers discriminate against women based on their reproductive choices, including whether they use birth control or whether they've had an abortion.       

How Doctors in Texas Are Trying to Protect Transgender Patients From a Persistent Threat: HIV - Los Angeles Times
By offering hormone therapy, the clinic aims to earn the trust of a population that often feels alienated by mainstream medicine and persuade those at high risk for HIV to start on a drug regimen that can prevent infection.

Can Sending Shockwaves To Your Penis Boost Your Erection? - Men's Health
Since not all men with erectile dysfunction can take Viagra, scientists have been continually searching for other treatments. One that seems promising? Shockwave therapy.

5 Common Reasons for Vaginal Itching Other Than a Yeast Infection - And 5 Products That Help - Prevention
Before assuming you're dealing with a yeast infection (which is likely, but not certain), it's important to know the symptoms of other common conditions and talk to a doctor.

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