Sexual Health in the News July 9 - July 15

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Experts Are Bracing for a Spike in STDs, But Not Just Because It’s ‘Hot Vax Summer’ – CNN
Physicians warn a rise in STD cases is coming, but that's not just because vaccinated singles are ready to mingle again. Rates were already rising, with reported STDs in 2019 reaching an all-time high for the sixth consecutive year. This story features Dr. Ned Hook, a NCSH member.

Other News This Week

Less Than a Third of Teens Report Talking to Doctors About Sex, Study Finds – TODAY
The majority of adolescents and parents believe health care provider discussions about puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and birth control are important. Parents can help by telling the pediatrician they support such conversations.

Covid Is Especially Risky for People with HIV, Large Study Finds – The New York Times
An HIV infection increases the odds of dying from Covid-19 by at least 30 percent, according to researchers leading an international study. 

More Abortion Restrictions Have Been Enacted in the U.S. This Year Than in Any Other – NPR
State legislatures have passed at least 90 laws restricting the procedure in 2021 so far, finds a report released this month from the Guttmacher Institute.

Americans Living with HIV Could Have the Same Life Expectancy as Those Without: Study – The Hill
A new study finds that the five-year mortality rate for people living with HIV is nearing that of the general population in the United States. However, people living with HIV are at higher risk for suicide.

Britney Spears-Inspired Bill Introduced to Rein in Conservators’ Birth Control Authority – NBC News
Inspired by the singer’s plight, U.S. Rep. Jason Smith’s bill would stop conservators from being able to force birth control on their charges.

Access to Birth Control Lets More Girls Finish High School – Wired
A new study finds that making contraceptives and reproductive care accessible through a state-funded program in Colorado reduced the dropout rate for young women.

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