Sexual Health in the News July 8 - July 14

NCSH in the News

'Superbug' STDs, ExplainedGet Me Giddy
Three common bacterial STDs—chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea—have all shown some degree of antibiotic resistance, leading to changes in recommended treatments. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Edward Hook, an NCSH member.   

Monkeypox symptoms are proving ‘atypical’ and virus could be mistaken for an STD, experts warnEuro News 
Scientists are warning that this outbreak of monkeypox is different from past ones, with symptoms that could be mistaken for an STD. NCSH arranged the interview with Elizabeth Finley of NCSD, a coalition member.   

Sex Ed and Health on the RezGet Me Giddy
Hundreds of Native American tribes need quality education that preserves cultural values. This story features JeNeen Anderson, MPH, of NCSH member, Power to Decide.  

Be Proud You Found Condoms In Your Teen's Drawer (No, Not For That Reason) - Moms
While parents may not be ready for their teens to be having sex, the fact that they are being responsible and safe should be applauded. Planned Parenthood is featured.  

Other News This Week

Drugmaker seeks approval for first nonprescription birth control pill in U.S. - Washington Post
The Food and Drug Administration is being asked by a pharmaceutical company for permission to sell birth control pills without a prescription. 

Emergency contraception: How it works, how effective it is and how to get it - NPR
With abortion being banned or heavily restricted in many states, reproductive health experts say it's important that both patients and providers know about the options relating  to emergency contraception.   

How to Get Tested for Monkeypox Prevention Magazine
Infectious disease experts break down the process of getting tested for monkeypox.  

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