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Why Masturbating Is Still an Excellent Idea If You’re Coupled Up – Refinery29
While masturbation has become more normalized, those in a couple often still feel guilt for masturbating while in a relationship. Survey results from NCSH member, The Kinsey Institute, are featured.

Other News This Week

‘They Know What a Pandemic Is’: HIV Survivors See Similarities to AIDS Epidemic – NPR
HIV-positive people infected with COVID-19 are not faring worse than those without HIV—and scientists aren’t sure why. And, those living with HIV are using lessons they learned during the AIDS epidemic.

‘Defund the Police’ Movement Could Offer Sexual Assault Survivors a Different Path for Justice, Experts Say – NBC News
Reclaimed police funds could be distributed to shelters, rape crisis centers, mental health services and programs to combat sexual violence, experts say.

Murders of Transgender People in U.S. Could Hit Record High in 2020 – HuffPost
LGBTQ advocates say they feel “horrified” after two Black trans women were killed this week, putting this year on track to surpass 2017’s record.

Fact Check: LGBTQ Community Rejects False Association with Pedophiles – USA Today
Images currently circulating on Facebook feature the acronym LGBTP, with the false claims that it stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and pedosexual” or the text “Love is gender and age-blind.”

The Silver Lining of America’s Most Extreme Abortion Ban – HuffPost
After lawmakers tried to ban abortion in Alabama, the Yellowhammer Fund was flooded with donations. Now, it’s putting that money to good use.

7 Video Sex Mistakes You’re Making (And What To Do Instead) – HuffPost
Here are experts’ tips on how to improve your virtual sex life during the coronavirus pandemic, whether you’re single or in a long-distance relationship.

Some Penis Microbes May Increase the Risk of Vaginal Infections After Penetrative Sex – INSIDER
A new study revealed that bacteria found on men's penises were predictors in whether their female partners developed bacterial vaginosis, suggesting men's and women’s sexual health are closely linked.

Scientists Shatter the Accepted View of How Sperm Swim—In 3D – Inverse
New research using a 3D model has discovered that when sperm cells “swim,” they are actually spinning as they move forward.

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