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Americans’ Most Popular Sexual Fantasies May Surprise You – Psychology Today
Many people feel guilt and shame about their sexual fantasies. But they are universal, normal, and harmless—even if you’d never do them in real life. This story features research conducted by Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Kinsey Institute, an NCSH member.

Other News This Week

Ambitious Plan to Stem HIV/AIDS Epidemic Meets None of Its Goals – NPR
In 2015, global groups set ambitious goals to reduce the number of new HIV cases by 2020 – and to increase the number of people on HIV treatment. On July 21, the final report came out, and no targets were met.

LGBTQ+ Students at Religious Schools Are Suing Over Discrimination – Teen Vogue
LGBTQ+ students and recent alumni of Christian universities are filing a lawsuit with the Department of Education.

Long Drives, Costly Flights, and Wearying Waits: What Abortion Requires in the South – NPR
Restrictive abortion regulations enacted by Southern Republican-led legislatures and governors have sent women who want or need an early end to a pregnancy fleeing in all directions to find safe, professional services.

The People Microdosing Testosterone to Alter Their Gender Presentation – Refinery29
Microdosing allows someone outside of the gender binary to alter their physical appearance at a rate and to a degree they are comfortable with, compared to more rapid changes with a higher dose.  

The Federal Government Is Making HIV Prevention Treatment Free—But There’s a Catch – NPR
Recent federal guidance says health insurance companies must cover all of the costs for PrEP, including the medication, doctor’s visits, and lab tests. But for those without insurance, issues remain.

A Survey Found Exactly How Often Women Masturbate – Bustle
Women masturbate on average eight times per month—or about twice a week, compared to men who masturbate about 15 times a month, or every other day. Learn five masturbation facts for women.

Parents Should Teach Their Kids to Call Genitals ‘Penis’ or ‘Vagina’ Instead of Nicknames, According to a Sex Educator – INSIDER
Research suggests that teaching consent from a young age can help prevent future sexual abuse, STIs, and unplanned pregnancy. 

STD Symptoms You Should Never Ignore – AARP
Rates of sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia have more than doubled in older adults. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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