Sexual Health in the News July 3 - July 9

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6 Tips for Having Sex When It’s Hot Out, Including Ice Cubes, Showers, and Cotton Sheets – INSIDER
Summer heat can put a huge damper on your sex life, especially if you and your partner are sweat-averse. Sexologists/sex therapists give tips on keeping it cool in the summer. NCSH arranged interviews with five experts from AASECT, an NCSH member.

What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Have Sex for a Long Time, According to Experts – INSIDER
With the pandemic, many people are isolated from partners. Experts discuss the impact of not having sexual contact or physical touch for extended periods of time. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Rachel Needle.

Other News This Week

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on the ACA’s Birth Control Mandate Could Cost Women Hundreds of Dollars Each Year – CNBC
Any employer with a sincere religious or moral objection can now opt out of covering contraceptives in employee health plans, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, which could greatly increase out-of-pocket costs for employees.  

Starting a COVID-19 ‘Social Bubble’? How Safe Sex Communication Skills Can Help – NPR
Experts discuss the parallels between negotiating safe sex and negotiating “safe socializing,” and how you can use safe sex tactics to talk about risk tolerance, boundaries, and protection related to COVID-19.

The Supreme Court Just Gave Republicans a Powerful New Weapon Against Obamacare – Vox
A decision that was supposed to be limited to birth control threatens a core element of the Affordable Care Act—a provision that ensures patients get preventive care without paying pay out-of-pocket costs.

Fort Hood Soldier Vanessa Guillén’s Death Puts Spotlight on Military’s Handling of Sexual Assault and Harassment – CBS News
After slain U.S. soldier Vanessa Guillén disappeared in April, service members and veterans stepped forward on social media to share their experiences with sexual assault or harassment while serving.

AIDS 2020: Researchers Describe a Possible Case of HIV Remission and a New Method to Prevent Infection – CNN
There were two notable announcements in the fight against HIV this week at AIDS 2020—a possible case of long-term remission from the virus, and research that found an injection can prevent HIV.

How to Use Gender-Neutral Language, and Why It’s Important to Try – Forbes
Small tweaks to our language usage can go a long way to respect non-binary individuals and may have the additional benefit of increasing overall gender equality.

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