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¿Conoces las claves para una vida sexual plena? Toma nota – Univision
In support of NCSH’s launch of the Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health, this Spanish language articles discusses the importance of talking about sexual health with your partners, and features NCSH members Shan Boodram and Dr. Logan Levkoff. It can be translated into English via Google Translate.

Yes, the CDC Had to Ask People Not to Wash or Otherwise Reuse Condoms – USA Today
Yes, the CDC has issued an appeal to folks to not wash or otherwise reuse condoms. Condoms can halt the spread of most STDs, but are only fully effective when used according to instructions.

Shifting Federal Policies Threaten Health Coverage for Trans Americans – NPR
Preventive care can be hard to get for transgender people. And insurers have commonly used exclusions for transition-related treatments to justify not covering any medical care for trans patients.

Sex Ed, Birth Control and Getting Through School in the Trump Era – Forbes
Nearly 73% of girls are graduating high school and going on to college, almost 7% more than boys. But the Trump Administration has been relentless in its effort to threaten this progress by rolling back access to reproductive healthcare services that help girls stay in school.

Price of HIV Test Falls, Raising Hopes in Global AIDS Fight – NPR
The Clinton Health Access Initiative brokered an agreement to make routine HIV tests more accessible. They're aiming to make HIV viral load tests available for $12 a piece, slashing the price in some markets by more than 50%.

Why Having Sex Makes You Feel Better the Next Day, According to Science – Time
New research suggests that sex may have powerful emotional benefits. It seems to strengthen the bonds of relationships and adds happiness and meaning to life.

Senate Bill to Require Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Data by 2030 Census – NPR
A group of Democratic senators introduced a bill that would require the U.S. census and the country's largest survey to start directly asking about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Wall Street Addresses #MeToo Concerns with 'the Weinstein Clause' – Fortune
Wall Street buyers are paying more attention to the threats sexual misconduct scandals can pose to investments. Advisers are adding language to mergers that require one to legally vouch for the positive behavior of a company’s leadership.

The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation’ – The Daily Beast
The FDA issued a warning to seven companies that market products using laser or radio frequencies to help women “rejuvenate” their vaginas. The therapies are sold to women on the promise that they will tighten and refresh vaginas, but there is no proof that these therapies actually work.

ALERT: Leaving Your Birth Control Pills in Your Car Could Get You Pregnant – Marie ClaireMost medication should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, ideally somewhere between 68 to 77 degrees. Storing your pills the wrong way could mess with their effectiveness.

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