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LGBTQ Rights Cases Stall Under DeVos, Report Finds – The New York Times
According to a new report, students who report discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity are significantly less likely to get relief from the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights under the Trump administration than they were under the Obama administration.

Why A Woman’s Sex Life Declines After Menopause (Hint: Sometimes It’s Her Partner) – The New York Times
According to new research, the hormonal changes that come with menopause are only part of the reason a woman’s sex life declines with age. Twenty-three percent of women said the lack of sex was because of their partner’s physical health problems.

Clinics Exiting Family Planning Program May Have to Destroy Contraceptives – POLITICO
Health clinics that quit the federal family planning program over new Trump administration anti-abortion rules might need to get rid of medications, intrauterine devices and other treatments they bought at a discount while part of the Title X program. 

What Happens When Parents Talk to Kids Frankly About Sex? – US News
New research shows that parents discussing sex with their kids leads teens to adopt safer practices, such as condom use, and doesn’t make them more likely to become sexually active. 

LGTBQ Representation in Children’s TV Is Growing: ‘We’re Talking About The Love of A Family’ – USA Today
Children’s shows have increasingly begun to include LGBTQ characters and storylines, a step activists say is important for ensuring appropriate representation. 

Sex Trafficking Is Behind the Lucrative Illicit Massage Business. Why Police Can’t Stop It. – USA Today
A recent review of high-profile raids on ‘sex spas’ found that, in the majority of cases, charges were dropped or pleaded down, and spas often open in the same or new locations. 

Dozens of House Members Demand Better Treatment of Transgender Asylum Seekers in ICE Custody – NBC News
Members of Congress sent a letter to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement expressing their concern over the agency’s treatment of transgender detainees and demanding the agency take transgender migrants’ asylum claims more seriously. 

Unraveling the Truth About Herpes – Jezebel
A doctor discusses the trouble with routinely screening for and diagnosing herpes, including what it means when the herpes antibody is present in your blood with no symptoms. 

Facebook Urges Gay Men to Give Blood, Which Can Be a Painful Reminder They Aren’t Allowed To – CNBC
Facebook notifications urging people to donate blood are being shown to gay men, resurfacing the heated debate over restrictions that prevent men who have sex with men from donating blood for up to a year after intercourse. 

7 Myths About the HPV Vaccine Doctors Want to Bust – Bustle
Experts discuss the most common myths about the HPV vaccine, including that monogamous people don’t need it, it isn’t safe, and that it completely prevents cervical cancer.

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