Sexual Health in the News July 24 - July 30

NCSH in the News

Sex in Lockdown – Sexual Health Magazine
Top sexuality MDs, sex therapists, relationship coaches, and personal pleasure experts explain the pitfalls, positives, and eccentricities of sensuality amidst COVID-19. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Rachel Needle.

Follow Their Lead, and Other Ways Parents Can Support Their Non-Binary Children – The Washington Post
It can feel like strange or uncomfortable territory for parents, but here are some simple ways to offer support as your child explores their gender identity or sexual orientation. This story features GLSEN, an NCSH member.

This Is How Coronavirus Could Change Our Sex Lives Forever – Cosmopolitan
Here’s how coronavirus has impacted our sex lives so far, and how it could for the foreseeable future, including an increase in reaching out to exes and masturbation. This story features Dr Justin Lehmiller from NCSH member, the Kinsey Institute.

Other News This Week

New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines Impact Young Women – ABC News
The American Cancer Society now recommends starting cervical cancer screening at age 25 instead of 21, partly due to an improved vaccination rate for HPV.

What Does It Mean to ‘Deadname’ Someone? Here’s How It Affects the Transgender Community – Health
Here’s what gender and sexuality experts say about what deadnaming is, how it affects those who are deadnamed, and what we all can do about it.

Everything a Doctor Wants You to Know About Withdrawal Bleeding – Cosmopolitan
A doctor explains everything you need to know about withdrawal bleeding—a period you have while taking hormonal contraception—and why it’s not the same as a regular period.

I Hate Sexting, But It Feels Like My Best Bet at Partnered Intimacy During the Pandemic—What Should I Do? – Well + Good
Finding ways to safely get intimate amidst a pandemic has many people giving more thought to sexting. Here are some pros and cons to help you determine whether it’s something you’d enjoy.

New Research Affirms Male Bisexuality, Dispelling Stigma – The Hill
A new analysis reexamined prior studies and challenged conclusions that bisexuality doesn’t exist to conclude that male bisexuality does indeed exist.

A Decades-Old Ban on Gay Bathhouses Was About to Be Lifted. Then, A Pandemic. – The Hill
Bathhouses were once a major gathering place for gay men in San Francisco and other cities. During the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the city enacted restrictions, forcing many to close. Now, bathhouses could return.

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