Sexual Health in the News July 23 - July 29

NCSH in the News

Social Stigma Is a Sexual Health Issue, Too – Giddy
Despite some progress, discrimination continues to play out in sexual healthcare. NCSH Co-Director, Susan Gilbert, and NCSH member, Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley of Power to Decide, are quoted. 

Other News This Week

Rising Share of US Adults Know Someone Who Is Transgender or Goes By Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Study Finds – USA Today
According to the study, 42% of Americans know someone who is transgender, up five percent since 2017. And about a quarter know someone who goes by gender-neutral pronouns, up eight percent since 2018.

What U.S. Abortion Access Looks Like, In Graphics – NBC News
States are passing more abortion restrictions, which could reshape what abortion access looks like across the country.

Men Who Have Been Sexually Abused Have Trouble Getting Treatment – NPR
A failure to confront the sexual assault of men and boys complicates recovery and healing for many men and most of the estimated 21 million male survivors who never disclose that they were abused.

The Limits of Sex Positivity – The Atlantic
American culture still treats disinterest in sex as something that needs to be fixed. What if any amount of desire—including none—was okay?

The Military’s HIV Policies Are Discriminatory—And Decades Behind the Times – The Washington Post
HIV-positive people are still barred from enlisting. If diagnosed afterwards, their careers often suffer.

One Step Closer to Ending the HIV Epidemic for Some, Not All – The Hill
A new policy requiring plans and insurers to cover the cost of PrEP and required laboratory services and office visits is worth celebrating. But we still have work to do to reach marginalized patients facing barriers to care.

Long-Acting HIV-Prevention Drugs May Be Key to Beating the Epidemic in the U.S. – NBC News
New forms of pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, could be used by groups who find daily preventive medications too burdensome.

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