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Families Sue to Block Missouri's Ban on Gender-Affirming Health Care for Kids - ABC News 
Families of transgender children are suing to block a new Missouri law banning gender-affirming health care for minors. 

As Abortion Bans Grow, Colleges Find Answer to Easy Contraceptive Access: Vending Machines - USA Today
Colleges in 17 states have implemented emergency contraception vending machines, offering students 24/7 access to morning-after pills and other healthcare products in otherwise limited abortion and contraceptive deserts.  

Michigan Supreme Court Expands Parental Rights in Former Same-Sex Relationships - NBC News
The Michigan Supreme Court set a precedent on Monday by ruling that women in same-sex relationships can seek custody of her partner’s child who is born before their relationship ended. 

Hochul Facing Criticism Over New Health Care Program for Sex Workers: 'Magnet for More Prostitutes' - New York Post
Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration launches a free health care program for sex workers in New York, sparking criticism from some who believes it encourages the decriminalization of prostitution. 

What the Syphilis Outbreak in Houston Says About the Spread of STIs - Health 
In response to a 128 percent increase in syphilis cases among women, Houston Health Department is waving all clinical fees for STI’s at its health centers and expanding their community screening sites.  

We Need to Know How to Have Sex in Space, Scientists Say. Here's Why it Will be so Hard, But so Important - Insider
Researchers are urging the study of “space sexology” or “astrogeology” to understand human sexuality and reproduction in space.  

Millions Warned About Oral Sex as Awareness of Silent Killer Plummets - HuffPost
HPV is one of the most common STI’s, with an estimated 600 million cases of HPV worldwide, yet knowledge about the disease, especially its link to cancers other than cervical, is low.  

How the FemTech Revolution Addresses Women's Sexual and Maternal Health - Forbes 
The first FDA cleared over the counter vaginal dilator “Milli” is designed to provide accessible and effective treatment to reduce painful sex in women.  

Why Condoms are this Year's Sexiest Accessory for Luxury Brands - New York Post 
In an effort to address the stigma surrounding condoms post-pandemic, fashion brands are using condom designs to promote safe-sex messaging and normalizing conversations around sex and sexuality. 

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