Sexual Health in the News July 2 - July 8

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Should I Be Scared of Super Gonorrhea? – Giddy
This article explains antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and how once-routine antibiotics may not be as effective on  mutating organisms. Dr. Ned Hook, a NCSH member, discusses how limiting the spread of gonorrhea can help prevent new, antibiotic-resistant strains from developing. 

Other News This Week

'This will shut us down': HIV prevention clinics brace for Gilead reimbursement cuts  – NBC News
A funding loss of at least $100 million annually will soon drain many front-line HIV clinics, threatening the federal government’s pledge to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030.  

A Hidden Abortion Crew Prepares To Confront A Post-Roe America – POLITICO
Driven underground during the pandemic, online abortion providers say they’ll keep supplying pills and services even if the Supreme Court approves state bans, to help ensure access to quality abortion care. 

Bill Cosby Release Sparks Worries It Will Set Back #Metoo Progress – Reuters
With the recent surprise release of Bill Cosby, advocates worry that the ruling will deter other survivors from speaking out and seeking justice.  

A Commission Finds 'Quite A Lot Of Tolerance' For Sexual Harassment In The Military – NPR
A review of how the military deals with sexual assault  found that commanders need training in how to prevent daily acts of demeaning language and sexual harassment experienced by junior enlisted members. 

Ohio Governor Signs Bill With Exemption That Could Allow Doctors To Refuse LGBTQ Patients  – LGBTQ Nation
Ohio governor signed a bill that allows doctors, hospitals, insurers, and other health care professionals and companies to deny services if they object  based on “moral, ethical, or religious beliefs.”  

New Law Will Allow Pharmacists To Administer HIV Prevention Medication Without Prescription- The Nevada Independent
Nevada will become one of the first states to allow pharmacists to prescribe and dispense HIV prevention drugs, without a prescription from a health care provider.  

New CPS Program Puts Free Condoms In Nearly Every School — Including Elementaries – Chicago Sun Times
Under a new Chicago Public School policy, schools teaching fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program and menstruation products as part of broader sexual health education. 

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