Sexual Health in the News July 17 - July 23

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Does Your Doctor Ask You About Sex? – The Paper Gown
According to research, most patients say they’d feel comfortable discussing their sexual health in the exam room—but only if their providers initiated the conversation. Yet, many doctors aren’t taking the lead. Many health experts see this as a missed opportunity. NCSH co-director, Jenn Rogers, is featured.

Other News This Week

The Trump Administration Wants Homeless Shelters to Use Physical Characteristics to Identify and Refuse Shelter to Transgender Women – BUSINESS INSIDER
The proposal says shelter staff can look for “factors such as height, the presence (but not the absence of facial hair, the presence of an Adam’s apple” when deciding if people should be housed among men or women.

How to Find a Sex-Positive Therapist – VICE
Some therapists advertising kink- and polyamory-friendly treatment might not be all they seem. Here’s what to look for if you’re seeking mental healthcare that doesn’t see “sexual deviance” as deviance.

No One Has to Get Their Period Anymore – The Atlantic
Menstruating is painful, expensive, and, according to doctors, medically unnecessary unless you are trying to conceive. As a result, some experts think periods should be made optional.

Teens Need Easy Access to Condoms and Long-Acting Reversible Contraception, Say Pediatricians – CNN
Adolescents and young adults account for more than 50% of new STI diagnoses, despite being only about 25% of the sexually active population. Pediatricians say easy access to barrier methods and LARCs are the key solution.

Why Some Singles Are Agreeing to a ‘Hookup Pact’ In an Effort to Get Laid Right Now – Cosmopolitan
In a hookup pact, two people commit to breaking social distancing orders for each other—and only each other—in an attempt to get laid while still staying safe from COVID-19.

I’m Having Less Sex with My Partner, But He’s Masturbating More. Does He Think I’m Unattractive or Boring? – INSIDER
It’s normal to have partnered sex less frequently during a stressful time, like quarantine. And if your partner is masturbating more now (or ever), you shouldn’t equate their habits to your self-worth.

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