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Rushing To Get An IUD? Don't Forget This Important Factor – Refinery29
As advocacy groups seek to block Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, onlookers are urging women to stock up on birth control. However, there are important things to consider before you get an IUD. NCSH Member, Power to Decide, is quoted.

What It's Like to Get an IUD as a Virgin – Elle
Every woman’s experience with birth control and IUDs is different and unpredictable, including how painful insertion will be. NCSH Member, Dr. Katharine O’Connell White, discusses the insertion process.

Doctors Answer Every Little Question You Have About Getting an IUD – Elle
Here, doctors and experts explain what to expect when you're jumping into the unknown and getting an IUD for the first time. NCSH Member, Dr. Katharine O’Connell White, weighs in throughout the story.

Getting ‘Consent’ for Sex Is Too Low a Bar – New York Times
Guidance that centers on the term “consent” suggests that a legal standard for permissible sexual interactions is also a decent or desirable one. It isn’t. 

404 Bills to Protect Birth Control, Sex Ed, and Abortion Access Have Been Introduced in 2018 – Teen Vogue
A report from the National Institute for Reproductive Health found that 44 states and the District of Columbia have already introduced 404 pieces of legislation in 2018, which could help make abortion, contraception, pregnancy care, sex education, and support for parents and families more accessible.

Employers Are Clamping Down on the Office Romance in the #MeToo Era, But It Will Never Truly Die – Fortune
The #MeToo movement has triggered a reexamination of inappropriate behavior, and women’s marginalization in the workplace has cast workplace relationships in a new light.

How The Catholic Church Came To Oppose Birth Control – Huffington Post
For almost 2,000 years, the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception has been one of constant change. And although Catholic moral theology has consistently condemned contraception, it has not always been the church battleground that it is today.

In Spain, Sexual Assault Legislation Says 'Yes Means Yes' – USA Today
Spain's government has introduced new legislation stating that consent must be explicitly given during sexual interactions in the wake of protests following a controversial court case.

Why You Should Care That the Trump Administration Deleted Online Information About Sex Discrimination – Mashable
The Trump administration has removed critical language about sex discrimination from the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights website. Advocates say the deletion could harm patients who now won't have essential information about their right to non-discriminatory healthcare.

What to Do if You Forget Your Birth Control Pills on Vacation – Huffington Post
Keeping consistent with your birth control is vital to its effectiveness and preventing unintended pregnancy. So, we talked to some experts to get their take on what to do if you accidentally vacation without your contraception.

7 Other Birth Control Options If an IUD Is Not Something Your Doctor Recommends – Bustle
The IUD is a popular long-term birth control option that’s often free (at the moment), but it isn't the right choice for all bodies. Here are other options if an IUD is not something your doctor recommends for you.

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