Sexual Health in the News July 12 - July 18

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Planned Parenthood Defying Trump Administration’s Abortion Referral Ban – CBS News
Federally-funded family planning clinics, including Planned Parenthood, are defying the new ban on referring women for abortions at clinics funded by federal dollars, which they say keeps patients in the dark about legitimate health care options. This article quotes NCSH member Planned Parenthood.

Other News This Week

HIV/AIDS Deaths Fall By One-Third Since 2010, But Experts Say More Could Be Done – CBS News
There were 770,000 AIDS-related deaths in 2018, down 33 percent over 33 years, but experts say more could be done, starting with looking closely into why progress varies across regions.

Reports Of Sexual Harassment Wane At Work, Possibly Thanks To #MeToo – NBC News
According to a recent survey, the number of women who report workplace sexually harassment dropped by almost 10 percent from 2016 to 2018. However, researchers say more research needs to be done with a larger number of women of color and queer women.

Use of HIV Prevention Pill, PrEP, Rises 500%, Report Says – CNN
According to new research published by the CDC, use of PrEP rose almost 500% from 2014 to 2017, with more than a third of people at risk of HIV infection now being protected with the medication.

Menstrual Cups Are A Safe, Environmentally Friendly Option For People With Periods, Study Says – CNN
New research shows menstrual cups are safe and effective, and can save money and reduce waste and water usage, but are not well known—across three studies from high-income countries, only 11-33% of women knew of the product.

Appeals Court Blocks Trump Administration Birth Control Rules – The Hill
A federal appeals court has blocked the Trump administration rules that would allow employers to deny workers insurance coverage for birth control due to religious or moral objections.

LGBTQ Americans Could Be At Higher Risk For Dementia, Study Finds – NPR
LGBTQ Americans were recently found to be 29% more likely to report memory loss and confusion—two early signs of dementia—than their straight, cisgender counterparts. Experts explore some of the possible reasons for this disparity.

Why Sex-Related Infections Are Spreading Again – The Washington Post
The current resurgence in sexually transmitted infections, which costs the U.S. $16 billion annually in preventable health care expenses, is linked to inconsistent condom usage, the abuse of illicit recreational drugs, and antibiotic resistance.

54 Gender Identity Terms Every Ally Should Know – Refinery29
From gender-fluid to pangender, and cisgender to gender normative, here are the 54 gender identity terms that every ally should know to better understand the LGBTQI community.

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