Sexual Health in the News July 10 - July 16

NCSH in the News

What’s the Best Birth Control After 35? – The Checkup
Experts discuss contraceptive options for women over age 35, and things to consider when deciding which option is right for you. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member, Dr. Kate White.

National Sexual Assault Hotline Sees Record Demand During Pandemic. Many Reaching Out Are Children. – USA Today
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, more children are reaching out to RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline, which is experiencing its highest demand for services in its 26-year history. This story features NCSH member, Laura Palumbo, from NSVRC.

Other News This Week

Judge: Women Can Get Abortion Pill Without Doctor Visits – ABC News
A federal judge has agreed to suspend a rule that requires women during the COVID-19 pandemic to visit a hospital, clinic or medical office to obtain an abortion pill.

There’s a Big Period Knowledge Gap, Says Study – Forbes
In a recent survey, 94% of adults didn’t know the length of the average menstrual cycle. Of the women, 41% didn’t feel confident about how to insert a tampon, and 62% said they can’t locate a vagina on a diagram.

CDC: Teen Birth Rates Are Dropping in Most US States, As Sex Rates Decline and Contraception Use Increases – INSIDER
According to new research, the total teen birth rate declined by 7% in 2018 due to three primary factors: less sexual activity, increased contraceptive use, and economic uncertainty.   

Her Death Sparked Transgender Day of Remembrance. 22 Years Later, Still No Answers. – NBC News
The brutal death of Rita Hester in 1998 inspired a movement. But while her legacy is cemented, her name has been largely forgotten.

The ‘Sex Talk’ Is Actually a Series of Talks – The New York Times
Several psychologists and sexual health experts offer ways to make conversations about sex informative and comfortable for children and parents.

What Happens When a Pandemic and an Epidemic Collide – NPR
Experts fear the hard-won progress made in fighting the AIDS epidemic is at risk due to the urgent needs of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sex in a Pandemic: For Liberals, More Netflix and Less Chill – POLITICO
A recent study found a partisan gap in how coronavirus is affecting Americans’ sex lives, with liberals significantly more likely to report a decline, and conservatives more likely to say their sex lives haven’t been affected.

Instagram Bans All Content Promoting LGBT Conversion Therapy – Forbes
Instagram banned ads for LGBT conversion therapy earlier this year, but are now taking it a step further by banning all content about conversion therapy.

Extreme Clotting, Missed Cycles, Seizures: How Periods Have Changed During the Pandemic – Bustle
Many of those who get periods have been experiencing “menstrual weirdness” since the pandemic started, and some are nervous about the long-term impact of the pandemic on their cycle.

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