Sexual Health in the News July 1 - July 7

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Things To Know About The Clitoris For People Looking To Maximize Pleasure - Buzzfeed
The clitoris is the body’s only organ with pleasure as its sole function. The more you know about it, the more satisfaction you can get from it. NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson and Dr. Rachel Needle.  

Syphilis Is Rising—And May Not Be Recognized - Forbes
Several states across the U.S. are reporting sharp increases in syphilis rates and in other sexually transmitted infections. This story features David Harvey of NCSD, an NCSH member.  

Contraception demand up after Roe reversal, doctors say - CNN
Doctors and prescribers are now seeing increasing demand for different forms of contraception, including emergency contraception and longer-lasting forms of birth control. This story features Nurx, an NCSH member.  

Other News This Week

What Does It Mean To Be Asexual? - Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Rhodes explains what it means to be asexual, while discussing  the ways we talk about attraction across the board. 

Understanding Monkeypox and How Outbreaks Spread - Washington Post
Monkeypox is a serious, evolving threat, demonstrating again how readily an infectious agent that emerges in one country can quickly become an international concern. 

Life Kit: The importance of inclusion in sex education - NPR
Some state lawmakers are working to restrict the rights of LGBTQ youth. For some students, that means sex education can miss some important points. 

Advocates struggle with how much they can help with self-managed abortions - NPR
People need to have information about medication abortion so they can make the decision for themselves. 

Five Myths About VasectomiesWashingtonian 
DC urologists are not necessarily doing more vasectomies after Roe v. Wade was overturned. There was already rising interest in this highly effective, reversible contraceptive method for men.  

Consent Should Be An Ongoing Part Of Every Relationship, Say Experts - Women’s Health Magazine
Consent includes sex and beyond. Practical strategies from three experts are featured.  

I Got A Copper IUD, And If You Are Seeking Long-Term Contraception, I Highly Recommend - Buzzfeed News
Loren Cecil reviews the copper IUD, including pros, cons, side effects, and how it can be used for emergency contraception. 

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