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New Federally Funded Clinics Emphasize Abstinence, Natural Family Planning – The Washington Post
New federally funded clinics are pitching themselves as a “pro-life” alternative to Planned Parenthood by focusing on abstinence and natural family planning, and offering “abortion pill reversal,” a procedure that is not supported by scientific research.
Latina and Black Adolescents May Be More Vulnerable to Reproductive Coercion – NBC News
Based on a recent study, Latina and black adolescent girls may be more vulnerable to reproductive coercion—a form of relationship abuse that can include contraception sabotage, condom manipulation, and pressure to become pregnant when not wanted.
Making Sex Scenes Safe for Actors: The Budding Industry of Intimacy Coordinators – ABC News
As the entertainment industry shows more sex on screen, there is an increase in intimacy coordinators on set—professionals who work as liaisons between actors and production, and advocate for actors in relation to scenes involving nudity and simulated sex.
Tinder’s New Safety Feature Helps LGBTQ Travelers Stay Safe in Unfriendly Countries – Fortune
In response to growing concern for the safety of LGBTQ dating app users in countries where same-sex encounters can be prosecuted, Tinder announced a new safety feature.
Boys Are Hitting Puberty Earlier, Partially Due to Rise In BMI, Study Suggests – CNN
According to a recent study, boys are hitting puberty earlier. Researchers say this could partly be attributed to increases in childhood BMI, as well as nutrition, socioeconomic environment, or exposure to chemicals that disrupt hormones.
Who Should Get The HPV Vaccine? The Recommendations Keep Changing. – Vox
With increased evidence that the HPV vaccine protects against HPV and prevents cervical, anal, and other cancers, the CDC continues to expand their vaccination recommendations to adults up to age 45.
Advocates Face Tough Path to OTC Birth Control – The Hill
Despite endorsement for over-the-counter birth control from medical organizations, pharmaceutical companies are hesitant due to a complex drug regulatory system and financial burden.
Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly and A Change In How Prosecutors Look at Sexual Assault – The New York Times
Experts say the #MeToo movement and high profile cases have made victims more comfortable coming forward and detectives more patient and less skeptical of victims, but caution that this does not necessarily reflect an across-the-board change in the criminal justice system.
Trump Administration Pauses Enforcement of Abortion Restriction – CBS News
The Trump administration is giving taxpayer-funded family planning clinics more time to comply with the new restrictions on providing abortion referrals. Clinics now have until September to show that they are carrying out the new requirements.
A Good Sexual History Can Catch Secondary STIs – Medical Economics
A doctor discusses the importance of physicians taking a comprehensive sexual history in order to catch secondary infections, or sexually transmitted infections, which show no symptoms.
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