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This Is How We Fix Silicon Valley's Sexual Harassment Problem - Fast Company
NCSH member Amber Madison authored this article on how to address the pervasive issue of sexual harassment in tech.

Defunding Planned Parenthood Could Overwhelm Other Clinics, Leave Women With Few Options  - The Washington Post
Under the Senate's health-care bill, Planned Parenthood would be cut off from Medicaid funding for one year. Other clinics would need to pick up the organization's Medicaid clients, in some cases needing to more than triple their contraception caseloads.

How to Treat Gonorrhea: Meningitis Vaccine Shows Promise in Treating Common Sexually Transmitted Infection - Medical Daily  
As gonorrhea becomes more difficult to treat, researchers are looking for new ways to stop it. A team of scientists in New Zealand now believe they're one step closer to developing a vaccine.        

Walgreens Expands HIV PrEP Medication Protocol By 17 Markets - Drug Store News
Beginning July 13, providers at Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations in 17 new markets will be able to prescribe PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), a medication protocol for people who don't have HIV to prevent becoming infected.        

Foes of Obama-Era Rule Work to Undo Birth Control Mandate  - The New York Times
The contraceptive coverage mandate was intended to remove cost as a barrier to birth control. But to critics, the rule was an egregious example of federal overreach. A new policy to reverse the mandate will be issued in the coming weeks.

5 Reasons Porn Is Not Sex Ed - Teen Vogue
Turning to porn as a source of sex ed is nothing new, but it's important to remember that porn is not a reliable way to learn about sex and sexuality. Read on to learn why.

My Sex Drive Is Slowing Down. What Do I Do? - Men's Fitness 
Sense that your libido isn't quite where it should be? Get back on track with these helpful sex tips to identify and correct the usual culprits.

These Foods Could Make Your Birth Control Less Effective and We're Really Bummed - Elite Daily
Though women might believe they are taking the proper precautions with birth control, some foods can interfere with the pills' effectiveness.

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