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Health Buzz: Controversial Product Claims to Seal the Tip of Your Penis Shut - U.S. News & World Report
NCSH member Dr. Arik Marcell, MD, MPH of Johns Hopkins University voices his concerns about a controversial new product, the Jiftip, in this article. 

The Final Word on What You Can Catch From Oral Sex - Tonic
As part of its ongoing media outreach, NCSH facilitated an interview with Dr. Peter Leone for this article. It also features quotes from Dr. Debby Herbenick, President of AASECT, an NCSH member.

The Battle Over Essure - The Washington Post
Essure is touted as an alternative to having a woman's tubes tied, an invasive surgical procedure. However, the Food and Drug Administration has received more than 16,000 adverse-event reports about the device.

The STI Crisis Facing Millennial Women - Cosmopolitan 
A new survey reveals how few young people discuss sexually transmitted infections with their partners, and that women are more likely to get tested and talk about testing.       

Trump Proposal Relies on Claims by Religious Researchers - The Boston Globe
The Trump administration's proposed reversal of a requirement that health insurers cover contraception relies on the work of religious researchers who dispute a fundamental public health tenet - that easier access to birth control reduces unintended pregnancies.          

Florida Reports First Sexually Transmitted Zika Infection of 2017   - Miami Herald
Health officials on Tuesday reported Florida's first sexually transmitted Zika infection of 2017, which occurred in Pinellas County and brings the statewide total to 90 cases this year.

Judge Cancels Order to Reduce Sentences for Birth Control  - ABC News
A Tennessee judge's plan to encourage birth control among prisoners once they are released has been canceled. The plan, introduced in May, was unpopular with the State Health Department, the American Civil Liberties Union and some lawmakers.

This Sexual Assault Prevention Sticker for Bras Isn't as Helpful as You Might Think - Bustle 
A sticker developed by MIT researchers is the latest device developed to prevent sexual assault. And therein lies the problem: that our culture still considers it the potential victim's responsibility to prevent their own assault. 

What Men With Lower Sex Drives Than Their Partners Want You to Know  - HuffPost 
Relationships where a man has a lower libido than his partner are common, even if they're not talked about. This article shares some tips to help couples address this issue. 


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